Wicky’s Back for More Mayhem: All About The Cleaner Season 2

The darkly comedic British sitcom “The Cleaner” returned for a blood-soaked and silly season 2 in December 2022. Greg Davies once again wears the biohazard suit of Paul “Wicky” 

Wickstead, the unflappable wrongdoing scene cleaner who handles grime and existential crises with equal aplomb.

This article dives into everything you require to know about season 2, from the visitor stars and plotlines to where you can observe it and what fans are saying.

Wicky’s World: What to Expect in Season 2

Season 2 of “The Cleaner” grows on the winning formula built up in the first season. Wicky remains our ever-reliable storyteller, exploring the peculiar world of passing and its consequences. Each scene features an unused wrongdoing scene, an unused perished, and a modern set of unusual characters Wicky encounters while cleaning up the mess (both exacting and metaphorical).

The show’s signature dark humor flourishes on the juxtaposition of Wicky’s unremarkable cleaning schedule with the often-gruesome circumstances surrounding the passings. 

Anticipate bounty of bodily liquids, awkward discussions with lamenting families, and the intermittent existential consideration from Wicky himself.

Critical Gathering and Fan Reactions

“The Cleaner” season 2 has been met with positive audits, with faultfinders lauding Davies’ comedic performance and the show’s capacity to balance dull humor with minutes of genuine pathos.

Fans on social media have echoed this sentiment, commending the show’s composing, the visitor star appearances, and the continued brilliance of Davies’ depiction of Wicky.

Here are a few specific aspects of the appear that have resounded with viewers:

The dull humor: The show’s capacity to discover humor in indeed the darkest situations is a highlight for numerous viewers.

Wicky’s character: Davies’ vacant conveyance and Wicky’s dry sense of humor make him an extraordinarily charming protagonist.

The investigation of pain: Despite the dull humor, the appearance isn’t bashful absent from the passionate effect of passing on those cleared out behind.

While a few viewers have expressed a crave for more center on Wicky’s individual life, the overall reception for season 2 has been overwhelmingly positive.

Where to Watch The Cleaner Season 2

Season 2 of “The Cleaner” initially aired on BBC One in the UK in December 2022. For worldwide audiences, the show is accessible on [Amazon Prime Video]([watch the cleaner season 2 on amazon prime video ON Amazon.com]).

It’s imperative to note that availability may shift depending on your locale. Checking the official postings on [Amazon Prime Video]([watch the cleaner season 2 on amazon prime video ON Amazon.com]) is the best way to decide if the appearance is accessible in your location.

The Future of The Cleaner

With the victory of season 2, a third season of “The Cleaner” has already been confirmed. Whereas details are still rare, we can anticipate more of Wicky’s unique brand of cleaning and commiserating in the future.

Here are a few potential areas season 3 may explore:

Wicky’s past: We might see more flashbacks that shed light on Wicky’s formative encounters and what drew him to the calling of crime scene cleaning.

A recurring character: The presentation of a repeating character, maybe a match cleaner or an advisor Wicky starts seeing, may include an unused dynamic to the show.

Wicky’s love life: Will season 3 see Wicky discover a few romantic solace?

Only time will tell what the future holds for Wicky, but one thing’s for sure: there’s a bounty of comedic and sensational potential cleared out to be explored in the world of “The Cleaner.”


When did The Cleaner season 2 air? 

Season 2 of The Cleaner originally aired on BBC One in December 2022.

Is The Cleaner season 2 available for gushing? 

Yes, season 2 is available on Amazon Prime Video in some locales. Be sure to check postings on [Amazon Prime Video]([watch the cleaner season 2 on amazon prime video ON Amazon.com]) for availability in your location.

How many episodes are in season 2? 

Season 2 consists of six 30-minute episodes.

Is there a trailer for season 2?

Yes! You can discover the hazily clever trailer on YouTube ([trailer for the cleaner season 2 ON YouTube youtube.com]).

What kind of stories does season 2 explore? 

Similar to season 1, each scene highlights an unused crime scene, an unused deceased, and a unused cast of quirky characters Wicky encounters amid his cleaning jobs.

Does season 2 dive deeper into Wicky’s personal life? 

Yes, we see impressions into Wicky’s battles with running his trade and his want for association. There are hints of past injuries that might be investigated in advance in future seasons.

Who are a few of the visitor stars in season 2?

Season 2 brags an amazing lineup, counting comedy heavyweights David Mitchell and Helena Bonham Carter.

What did pundits think of season 2? 

Reviews for season 2 have been positive, with pundits praising Greg Davies’ execution and the show’s capacity to adjust dim humor with minutes of veritable pathos.

What are fans saying about season 2? 

Fans have generally enjoyed season 2, commending the composing, visitor stars, and Davies’ depiction of Wicky.

What are a few of the things fans like most about the show? 

Many watchers appreciate the show’s dark humor, Wicky’s character, and the way it investigates the emotional effect of death.

Has The Cleaner been renewed for season 3?

Yes, a third season of The Cleaner has been confirmed!

What are some potential storylines for season 3? 

Possible regions of investigation incorporate diving into Wicky’s past, presenting a repeating character, or centering more on his individual life.

What is Wicky’s genuine title? 

While everybody calls him Wicky, his genuine title is Paul Wickstead.

What is Wicky’s profession?

Wicky is a state-certified wrongdoing scene cleaner, mindful for evacuating biohazards and restoring crime scenes to their unique state.

Season 2 likely wrapped up with some kind of personal development for Wicky. Perhaps he found a way to better manage his business or made a connection that offered him some emotional support.

There’s a chance season 2 concluded with Wicky resolving a particularly challenging or emotionally charged case. This could involve helping a grieving family find closure or even uncovering a hidden truth related to a crime scene.

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