A Guide to “The High Keep” in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy throws you into the immersive world of witchcraft and wizardry, where you’ll attend classes, learn spells, and embark on exciting adventures. One such quest, “The High Keep,” takes you on a thrilling journey to a seemingly abandoned fortress, testing your courage and problem-solving skills.

This comprehensive guide delves into everything you need to know about “The High Keep,” equipping you to navigate the treacherous castle and complete the mission successfully.

A Hippogriff in Need: The Quest Begins

“The High Keep” becomes available midway through the “Prepare For Your Search For The Final Keeper” chapter, roughly in the autumn season of your Hogwarts journey. You’ll receive the quest from your classmate, Natty Onai, who seeks your help in rescuing a Hippogriff friend named Highwing.

According to rumors, Highwing is being held captive within the walls of a long-abandoned fortress known as Falbarton Castle. Driven by a sense of adventure and the desire to help a fellow creature, you accept the quest and embark on this perilous mission.

Reaching Falbarton Castle: A Journey Awaits

Here’s how to find your way to Falbarton Castle:

Follow the Quest Marker: The game conveniently guides you with a quest marker on your mini-map. Look for the icon that points you northeast of Hogsmeade village.

Prepare for the Journey: Stock up on healing potions and ensure you have mastered some essential combat spells before venturing out. You might encounter hostile creatures guarding the castle.

A Hidden Path: Upon reaching the designated area, you’ll find a seemingly impassable cliff face leading up to the castle. Don’t fret – there’s a hidden path! Look for a small opening on the right side of the cliff face.

Scaling the Walls: Entering the High Keep

Now that you’ve found the hidden passage, here’s how to infiltrate the castle:

Climbing the Battlements: As you enter the passage, you’ll emerge at the base of the castle walls. Look for handholds and ledges on the left-hand side. Use your climbing skills to ascend the battlements.

Solving the Gear Puzzle: During your climb, you’ll encounter a mechanism with a gear missing. Cast the Depulso spell on the mechanism on the left to dislodge a gear.

Wingardium Leviosa to the Rescue: Use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the dislodged gear and move it to the right side of the mechanism. This will activate a rotating platform, allowing you to reach higher ground.

A Helping Hand: After activating the platform, use Leviosa again to grab a nearby crate and position it under a broken section of the battlement wall. This creates a makeshift bridge for you to cross.

Reaching the Top: Carefully climb the crate and then onto the broken section of the wall. From there, you can reach the upper rampart and proceed further into the castle.

Exploring the High Keep: Navigating the Interior

Once inside the castle, prepare for a more linear exploration with some combat encounters. Here’s what to expect:

Beware of Fosse Trolls: As you progress through the castle, you’ll encounter hostile creatures called Fosse Trolls. Use your combat spells and dodge their attacks to defeat them.

Following Natty: Natty will be your guide inside the castle. Follow her closely and listen to her instructions.

Unlocking the Gate: You’ll reach a large gate blocking your path. Natty will point you towards a control panel that requires activation. Use your spells to interact with the panel and open the gate.

Rooftop Reunion: After overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies, you’ll finally reunite with Highwing on the rooftop of the castle. A heartwarming cutscene follows, showcasing your successful rescue mission.

Returning to Hogwarts: A Successful Rescue

With Highwing safely rescued, you and Natty will make your way back to Hogwarts. You’ll receive rewards for completing the quest, such as experience points and potentially new equipment.

Tips for Conquering “The High Keep”

Master Basic Combat Spells: Focus on mastering spells like Protego (shield charm) and Stupefy (stunning charm) to effectively defend yourself against the Fosse Trolls.

Exploration is Key: While the path is mostly linear, keep an eye out for hidden areas within the castle. You might find treasure chests containing valuable loot.


The High Keep is a pivotal quest in Hogwarts Legacy, sending you on a thrilling adventure to infiltrate a mysterious castle. Here’s a breakdown to answer all your burning questions:

What is The High Keep?

This main story quest tasks you with venturing into Falbarton Castle, a seemingly abandoned fortress. Your goal?  To rescue a friendly Hippogriff named Highwing and uncover a hidden letter that could expose a dark plot.

When can I tackle The High Keep?

The High Keep becomes available roughly halfway through the fall season in the “Prepare For Your Search For The Final Keeper” chapter.  Keep an eye out for the quest icon on your map near Hogsmeade.

What awaits me within the High Keep?

Climbing Challenges: Prepare to use your spells creatively! You’ll need to strategically use Depulso, Wingardium Leviosa, and your climbing skills to navigate the castle’s battlements.

Exploration and Puzzles: Uncover hidden secrets within the castle walls. Keep an eye out for interactive objects and environmental puzzles that may bar your way.

Potential Combat Encounters: Be ready to face off against hostile creatures guarding the castle’s secrets.

How can I prepare for The High Keep?

Sharpen Your Spells: Ensure you’re comfortable casting Depulso (to push objects) and Wingardium Leviosa (to levitate objects).

Stock Up on Potions: Having healing and focus potions on hand can be a lifesaver during combat encounters.

Upgrade Your Gear: Equipping yourself with better gear can give you an edge in combat.

Are there any helpful tips for conquering The High Keep?

Explore Thoroughly: Don’t rush through the castle! Hidden nooks and crannies might hold valuable loot or secrets.

Think Outside the Box: Some puzzles require creative use of your spells and the environment.

Listen to Natty: Your companion, Natty, may offer helpful hints and clues throughout the mission.

Looking for a Walkthrough?

If you get stuck, numerous resources can guide you through The High Keep:

IGN Walkthrough: https://www.ign.com/wikis/hogwarts-legacy/The_High_Keep

PushSquare Walkthrough: https://www.windowscentral.com/gaming/hogwarts-legacy-high-keep-how-to-climb-the-battlements-and-open-the-main-gate

YouTube Walkthroughs: Search for “Hogwarts Legacy – The High Keep Walkthrough” for video guides.

Remember: The High Keep is an exciting opportunity to test your skills and delve deeper into the lore of Hogwarts Legacy. So grab your wand,  embrace the challenge, and conquer the  mysterious castle!

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