The Magic of the FA Cup: A Look Back at the 2023 Final

The FA Cup, the world’s oldest football competition, has a particular place in the hearts of supporters. Every year, it offers a captivating journey where lower-league underdogs battle it out with Premier League giants, all vying for a chance to lift the prestigious trophy at Wembley Stadium. While the 2024 competition is already underway, there’s still a lot to learn and reminisce about the enthralling 2023 FA Cup Final.

A Historic Manchester Derby: City vs United

The 2023 FA Cup final was a historic affair, featuring a Manchester derby between Manchester City and Manchester United. Here’s a recap of the much-anticipated clash:

Date: The final was held on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023.

Venue: The iconic Wembley Stadium in London hosted the showpiece event.

First Manchester Derby Final: This marked the first time these two fierce rivals met in an FA Cup final.

The Road to Wembley:

Manchester City: Their path to the final was relatively smooth, defeating lower-league opposition before overcoming fellow Premier League sides like Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City.

Manchester United: United’s journey was more dramatic. They faced several close calls against lower-league teams before stunning Chelsea and West Ham United in the latter stages.

A Fast Start and City’s Domination

The final itself was a thrilling encounter:

Early Blow: Manchester City stunned the crowd with the fastest goal ever scored in an FA Cup final. İlkay Gündoğan found the net just 12 seconds into the match.

City’s Control: Despite the early goal, the game remained tense. City controlled possession and created more chances, while United struggled to find their rhythm.

Second-Half Drama: Although United pressed for an equalizer in the second half, City remained defensively solid and created opportunities of their own.

The Final Whistle and City’s Triumph:

Scoreline: The match ended 2-1 in favor of Manchester City, with Kevin De Bruyne scoring the second goal for City in the 64th minute.

Guardiola’s Double: This victory secured Pep Guardiola’s second Premier League and FA Cup double with Manchester City.

Beyond the Scoreline: A Memorable Final

The 2023 FA Cup final offered more than just a thrilling match:

Emotions on High: The Manchester derby rivalry added an extra layer of intensity and passion to the final.

Record-Breaking Goal: Gündoğan’s early goal etched its name in FA Cup history books.

United’s Disappointment: Despite a valiant effort, the loss was a blow for Manchester United and their fans.

The Legacy of the 2023 FA Cup Final

The 2023 FA Cup final will be remembered for its historical significance, dramatic moments, and the crowning of Manchester City as champions.  Here’s how it resonates in footballing history:

A Unique Derby: This first-ever FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United added a new chapter to the already fierce rivalry.

Guardiola’s Accomplishment: Guardiola’s second double solidified his place as one of the most successful managers in Premier League history.

The Magic of the Cup: Once again, the FA Cup demonstrated its ability to produce captivating storylines and elevate smaller teams to the biggest stage.

Looking Forward: The FA Cup’s Enduring Appeal

The 2023 FA Cup final is a testament to the enduring appeal of this historic competition.  As the 2024 competition progresses, fans can expect more exciting matches, unexpected results, and the magic of underdogs challenging the established giants.

2023 FA Cup Final: FAQs

The 2023 FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United was a historic and dramatic encounter. Here are some FAQs to answer lingering questions fans might have:

The Match Itself:

Q. What was the final score in the 2023 FA Cup Final?

Manchester City won 2-1 over Manchester United.

Q. Who scored the goals for Manchester City?

İlkay Gündoğan opened the scoring with the fastest ever FA Cup final goal at 12 seconds, followed by Kevin De Bruyne’s goal in the 64th minute.

Q. How did Manchester United fare in the final?

Despite conceding an early goal, United displayed fighting spirit but ultimately fell short of equalizing.

Historical Significance:

Q. Why was this FA Cup final unique?

It marked the first time Manchester City and Manchester United faced each other in an FA Cup final, adding an extra layer of rivalry and intensity.

Q. What was Pep Guardiola’s accomplishment with this win?

This victory secured his second Premier League and FA Cup double with Manchester City, solidifying his managerial legacy.

Beyond the Final Whistle:

Q. What is the significance of Gündoğan’s early goal?

It etched his name in FA Cup history as the fastest goal ever scored in the final.

Q. Where can I find more information about the FA Cup?

The FA Cup’s official website ( and Wikipedia’s archive of past finals ( offer insightful resources.

Looking Forward:

Q. What can fans expect from future FA Cup competitions?

The FA Cup’s magic lies in its unpredictability. Fans can anticipate exciting matches, potential underdog victories, and the ongoing battle between established clubs and aspiring ones.

Q. How did the Manchester derby rivalry affect the pre-match atmosphere?

The intense rivalry between City and United generated a lot of excitement and anticipation amongst fans, creating a charged atmosphere leading up to the final.

Q. Were there any surprise inclusions or exclusions in the starting lineups?

Looking back at the lineups, were there any unexpected player selections or omissions that impacted the game?

Tactical Battles:

Q. How did Pep Guardiola’s tactics differ from Erik ten Hag’s approach?

Exploring the tactical philosophies of both managers can provide insights into how they approached the game.

Q. Did Manchester United adapt their strategy after conceding the early goal?

Analyzing United’s adjustments after going down early can shed light on their fightback attempt.

Individual Player Performances:

Q. Who were the standout performers for each team?

Identifying players who excelled or had a significant impact on the outcome of the match.

Q. Did any individual errors or moments of brilliance affect the game?

Pinpointing crucial moments where individual actions swayed the match can be a talking point.

The Aftermath and Lasting Impact:

Q. How did the City players celebrate their victory?

Exploring the post-match celebrations offers a glimpse into the emotions and significance of the win for the City team.

Q. What were the reactions of Manchester United fans and players to the loss?

Understanding the disappointment of the losing side adds another layer to the story.

Q. How will this FA Cup final be remembered in the history of the Manchester derby?

This historic first meeting in an FA Cup final will likely hold a special place in the ongoing rivalry between the two clubs.

Here are some additional resources for those interested in learning more about the FA Cup:

The FA Cup official website:

Archives of past FA Cup finals:

The FA Cup final remains a highlight of the English football calendar, leaving behind memories, records, and a sense of anticipation for the next chapter in this historic competition.

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