Mastering the Climbing Gear in The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) takes Link on a breathtaking adventure across a vast and rejuvenated Hyrule. 

Traversing this expansive landscape often requires scaling towering cliffs and crumbling ruins. Thankfully, the Climbing Gear returns to aid Link in his ascent, offering a significant boost to his climbing speed. 

This guide dives deep into the Climbing Gear in TotK, exploring its location, upgrades, and how it enhances exploration.

The Allure of Ascendancy: Why the Climbing Gear Matters

While Link can climb most surfaces in TotK, the Climbing Gear significantly speeds up the process. This translates to:

Faster Exploration: 

Reaching higher vantage points and hidden secrets becomes less time-consuming, allowing you to explore Hyrule more efficiently.

Combat Advantage: 

Scaling cliffs quickly can help you gain a tactical advantage during battles with enemies stationed on higher ground.

Environmental Puzzles: 

Many environmental puzzles in TotK involve reaching specific heights. The Climbing Gear allows you to solve these puzzles with greater agility.

A Legendary Legacy: The Return of the Climbing Gear

The Climbing Gear isn’t a new invention in Hyrule. It first appeared in Breath of the Wild, and TotK retains this valuable equipment set.  However, its location and acquisition differ slightly in the sequel.

A Legendary Bandit’s Stash: Finding the Climbing Gear

The Climbing Gear set in TotK is scattered across Hyrule, hidden by a legendary bandit named Misko.  Here’s how to find each piece:

Climbing Gear (Chest Piece): 

This piece is relatively easy to obtain. Head to the North Hyrule Plains Cave, located west of Hyrule Castle and directly east of Sinakawak Shrine. 

You’ll encounter some Like Likes and a Horribrin inside the cave. Once you defeat them, navigate deeper into the cave until you reach a stream with a waterfall. Look closely behind the waterfall for a glowing Brightcap mushroom. 

Shoot it with an arrow to reveal a hidden alcove with a chest containing the Climbing Gear.

Tips for Finding the Remaining Pieces:

Talk to Meeshy:  

While exploring Hyrule, you might encounter a traveling clothing hunter named Meeshy, dressed in mushroom clothing.  Talk to her, and she might mark the location of one of the remaining Climbing Gear pieces on your map (usually the Climbing Bandana).

Explore Hidden Shrines and Ruins: 

The Climbing Boots and Climbing Gloves are likely hidden within secret shrines or forgotten ruins.  Keep an eye out for suspicious areas while exploring and use the Sheikah Sensor to highlight hidden objects.

Consult Online Resources:  

If you’re struggling to find a specific Climbing Gear piece, numerous online resources offer detailed guides with screenshots and video walkthroughs.

Upgrading Your Ascents: Enhancing the Climbing Gear

Once you acquire the entire Climbing Gear set, you can further enhance its functionality by upgrading it at the Great Fairy Fountains scattered across Hyrule. Here’s what you need to know:

Upgrading Process:  

Similar to other armor sets in TotK, the Climbing Gear can be upgraded by offering specific materials and rupees to the Great Fairies.

Benefits of Upgrading: 

Each upgrade level increases the armor value of the Climbing Gear, making Link more resilient during his adventures.

Required Materials:  

The specific materials needed for upgrading the Climbing Gear remain undisclosed.  However, it’s likely you’ll need to gather certain types of insects, gems, or monster parts.

Beyond Speed: Additional Climbing Techniques

While the Climbing Gear is invaluable, mastering other climbing techniques can further enhance your exploration in TotK:

Stamina Management:  

Climbing drains Link’s stamina.  Consuming food that replenishes stamina or using Sheikah Slate abilities like Revali’s Gale can help you climb for longer distances.

Rain and Ice:  

Climbing becomes more challenging during rain or on icy surfaces.  Equipping the appropriate armor pieces or using Sheikah Slate runes like Cryonis can help navigate these situations.

Wall Jumps:  

Link can perform wall jumps to gain extra height or reach ledges that are slightly out of reach with regular climbing.  Mastering this technique expands your climbing repertoire.

Mastering the Ascents: Scaling New Heights with the Climbing Gear

The Climbing Gear in TotK is an essential tool for any aspiring explorer.  By acquiring and upgrading this valuable set, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to scale Hyrule’s most formidable heights and uncover its hidden secrets.  

So, don your Climbing Gear, channel your inner climber, and prepare to conquer every peak in this vast and exciting adventure.


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