UEFA Women’s Nations League

UEFA Women’s Nations League you asked about concluded in February 2024. Here’s what you might be interested in knowing more about: 

Outcomes and Champions:

  • Champions: After defeating France 2-0 in the championship match, Spain took home the first-ever UEFA Women’s Nations League title.
  • Third Place: In the contest you mentioned, Germany defeated the Netherlands 2-0 to take third place.

Promotion/relegation and the organization of competitions:

For European women’s national teams, the tournament served as the first leg of a two-part system.

League A, B, and C were the divisions of teams according to their UEFA ratings.

Teams competed in an organized stage structure, with conferences promoting and relegating players to the following round.

  • Effect on the Olympics and Euro 2025 Qualification:

The UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying draw’s seeding was impacted by the Nations League outcomes.

Furthermore, the top two League A teams—aside from the host country, France—qualified for the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024.

Toward the Future:

It is anticipated that the UEFA Women’s Nations League will convene in 2025–2026.

What is the prize money for the UEFA Women’s Nations League?

In comparison to the men’s rivalry, the prize cash for the UEFA Women’s Nations Championship is somewhat less.

Winner: The Women’s Nations League champion will take home €160,000.

Second place: The squad that places second in the championship game receives €100,000.

Where can I watch the women’s UEFA Champions League?

For the most part, DAZN controls the broadcast rights to the UWCL. This implies that if you have a DAZN membership, you can watch every UWCL game both in person and immediately.

As a last resort, you can see whether there are any releases or verification pieces by looking for “DAZN UWCL” after the spelling of your nation.

Below is a summary of certain restrictions:

  • Local Limits: As previously said, not all territories may have access to DAZN’s YouTube channel programming and television rights.
  • Few Number of Open Matching: While certain games on DAZN’s YouTube page are free to view, a membership is required to watch the whole UWCL.

Locating Substitutes (in the event that DAZN is unavailable):

If DAZN isn’t accessible where you live, you may look at the following alternatives:

Local Stations: The rights to televise UWCL games in your nation may be held by a few national broadcasters. Examine the web pages or show schedules of the local big sports networks.

Online Companies: It’s possible that other streaming services have permission to show UWCL games in your area. Look at regional streaming networks to see if they have a rivalry.

Where is the Women’s Nations League final 2024

The final was held at the Estadio La Cartuja in Seville, Spain.

Reflecting on the Past Tournament:

  • Road to the Finals: Read or watch articles that provide a summary of the finalist teams’ (France and Spain’s) campaign route.
  • Club Performances: Which teams caught you off guard? Were they any particular acts that stood out? Examining these facets can offer a more comprehensive viewpoint.
  • Effect on Euro 2025 Qualifying: The Nations Cup standings had an effect on the qualifiers’ seeding. There are articles available that describe how qualifying groups were impacted by the final results.

Gazing Forward:

The Women’s Nations League is anticipated to be competitive in the years to come. Articles in the news might talk about prospective adjustments or the course of the upcoming edition.

The Women’s Nations League is a component of a broader initiative that promotes women’s football throughout Europe. 

Look for articles or videos that cover the sport’s broader history.

Outside the League of Nations:

Future Women’s Football tournaments: Would you be keen on watching future women’s football tournaments such as the UWCL or the Women’s World Cup? I can also assist you in locating details about those.

How is the Women’s Nations League structured

Although its first season ended in February 2024, the UEFA Women’s Nations Championship features a clear framework that incorporates an assortment stage along with advancement and demotion, which eventually affects other leagues. This is an explanation:

Organization Structure:

League A, League B, and League C are the divisions into which the competing European national teams are divided during the matches.

The coefficients derived from the rankings of the UEFA Women’s national team are the basis for this first level.

Rounds of the League:

Leagues A and B: There are sixteen teams in each league, split into four categories of four competing teams each.

League C: The other clubs play in this league, which can be made up of sections with three or four clubs.

Clubs in every group compete against one another once (at home and away) in the league stage under a round-robin system.

Advancement and Demotion:

Marketing: For the next version, the champions of each League B group progress to League A.

Reduction: For the following season, the bottom clubs in every division of League A and B—regardless of the amount of clubs in League C—are demoted to League B and League C, correspondingly.

Olympic Qualification and Finals (2023–2024 Edition Only):

Finals: To select the overall UEFA Women’s Nations League champion, the four League A group champions play in an elimination phase that includes the semifinals and finals.

One of the teams competing in the 2023–2024 season played the final match at Estadio La Cartuja in Seville, Spain.

Olympic Summertime Games (2024 Only): The two best teams from League A (apart from France, the host country) automatically qualified for the Female Olympics Football Championship in Paris in 2024 in the first edition (2023–2024).

Effect on Qualification for Euro 2025:

The squads selected for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 qualifying competition were seeded in part by the Nations League standings.

upcoming releases

Future versions of the Nations League are anticipated to maintain similar frameworks. On the other hand, changes may be made in response to criticism and continuing advancements in women’s football.


What is the UEFA Women’s Nations League?

A brand-new tournament for women’s national teams from Europe was introduced in 2023–2024.

Aims to elevate women’s football to a higher level of status, growth, and competitiveness.

How is it structured?

A, B, and C leagues are determined by the UEFA national team standings.

League A and B: 16 teams divided into 4 round-robin groups.

League C: The remaining clubs play in round-robin groupings of three or four.

Depending on the top/bottom clubs in the various organizations promote and relegate franchises.

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