Uncovering Hogwarts’ Secrets: A Guide to Field Guide Pages

Calling all aspiring witches and wizards! Are you eager to explore the hidden corners of Hogwarts Castle and unearth its magical secrets? Then look no further than the Field Guide Pages scattered throughout the iconic school. These collectible pages hold valuable information about Hogwarts’ history, inhabitants, and hidden wonders.

This guide equips you with all the knowledge you need to become a master Field Guide Page collector in Hogwarts Legacy.

What are Field Guide Pages?

Field Guide Pages are parchment scraps containing interesting facts, illustrations, and lore snippets about Hogwarts.  Collecting these pages fills out your in-game Field Guide, a magical compendium that serves as your personal Hogwarts encyclopedia.

Why Collect Them?

Beyond the thrill of the hunt, collecting Field Guide Pages offers several benefits:

Experience Points: Each page you collect grants valuable experience points, aiding your character’s growth.

Lore and Knowledge: Deepen your understanding of Hogwarts’ rich history, from its founders to its hidden chambers.

Challenges and Exploration: Finding these pages encourages you to explore every nook and cranny of the castle, rewarding your curiosity.

Where to Find Them

Field Guide Pages are cleverly tucked away throughout Hogwarts Castle. Here’s where you might encounter them:

Scattered in the Open:  Keep your eyes peeled on walls, shelves, bookcases, and even hanging from the ceiling. Use the spell Revelio to reveal hidden pages that shimmer slightly.

Part of Quests:  Certain quests reward you with Field Guide Pages upon completion.

Locked Rooms and Secret Passages:  Some pages require you to solve puzzles, unlock doors with spells like Alohomora, or access hidden areas through secret passages.

Environmental Interaction:   Look for interactive objects like statues, braziers, and paintings. Using spells like Accio, Levioso, Confringo, or Incendio on these objects might reveal hidden pages.

Keep in mind:  New Field Guide Pages might appear as you progress through the game and unlock new spells that allow you to access previously hidden areas.

A Helping Hand: Types of Clues

Finding all the Field Guide Pages can be a daunting task. Here are a few hints to aid you with your search:

Floating Glowing Orbs:  These orbs often indicate the presence of a hidden Field Guide Page nearby. Cast Revelio to make the page appear.

Portraits:  Some portraits throughout the castle might offer cryptic hints about the location of Field Guide Pages. Talk to them and see if they have any wisdom to share.

Student Chatter:  Pay attention to conversations between students. They might casually mention interesting locations or hidden secrets, leading you to Field Guide Pages.

A Collector’s Toolkit: Essential Spells

As you embark on your Field Guide Page hunt, mastering a few key spells will prove invaluable:

Revelio: This spell highlights hidden objects, including Field Guide Pages, making them easier to spot.

Accio: Use this spell to summon nearby Field Guide Pages that might be just out of reach.

Levioso:  For pages located on high shelves or platforms, Levioso allows you to levitate and reach them.

Confringo or Incendio:  Certain pages might be hidden behind breakable objects or locked in magical braziers. These spells can help you clear the way.

Alohomora:  As you learn higher levels of Alohomora, you’ll be able to unlock doors leading to hidden rooms with potential Field Guide Pages.

Beyond the Pages: Exploring Hogwarts’ Secrets

While Field Guide Pages offer a wealth of information, there’s more to discovering Hogwarts’ secrets than collecting every scrap of parchment.  Here are some additional tips:

Talk to Everyone:  From professors and students to ghosts and shopkeepers, everyone in Hogwarts might have a story to tell. You never know what hidden knowledge you might uncover through conversation.

Interact with the Environment:  Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try casting spells on objects, examining seemingly ordinary items, and venturing off the beaten path. You might stumble upon a hidden passage or a secret chamber.

Pay Attention to Details:  Hogwarts is brimming with intricate details. Look for hidden messages etched on walls, cryptic symbols on paintings, or unusual sounds emanating from specific locations. These details might be clues leading to hidden treasures or Field Guide Pages.

Remember:  Curiosity is your greatest tool. With a keen eye, a thirst for knowledge, and your trusty spells, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the mysteries of Hogwarts and completing your Field Guide. Happy exploring, young witch or wizard!


What are Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts Legacy?

Field Guide Pages are collectible items scattered throughout Hogwarts Castle and the surrounding grounds. Each page contributes to your Field Guide, a magical compendium that unlocks experience points and lore entries as you collect them.

Why should I collect Field Guide Pages?

There are several reasons to seek out these hidden pages:

Level Up Faster: Every page you collect grants experience points, helping you progress through the game and unlock new spells and abilities.

Expand Your Knowledge: The Field Guide unlocks lore entries that delve deeper into Hogwarts’ history, its secrets, and the magical world.

Completionist’s Delight: For those who crave 100% completion, collecting all the pages is a satisfying challenge.

How many Field Guide Pages are there?

There are a whopping 150 Field Guide Pages to discover in Hogwarts Legacy!

Where can I find Field Guide Pages?

These pages are cleverly hidden in various locations across the castle, including:

Classrooms: Keep an eye out in Potions, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and other classrooms.

Hidden Rooms: Explore secret nooks, passageways, and even the Room of Requirement.

Statues and Paintings: Some pages are cleverly concealed near or behind statues and paintings. Use the Revelio spell to reveal hidden objects.

The Grounds: Don’t forget to explore the greenhouses, courtyards, and other outdoor areas.

How do I collect Field Guide Pages?

Once you spot a shimmering page, you’ll need to use the spell Accio to draw it towards you and add it to your collection. Some pages might require additional actions, like casting Lumos to illuminate a dark corner or using Confringo to light a brazier.

Are there any guides to help me find all the pages?

Absolutely! Here are some resources to help you on your Field Guide Page hunt:

IGN Hogwarts Legacy Guide: https://www.ign.com/wikis/hogwarts-legacy/Field_Guide_Page_Locations

GameSpot Hogwarts Legacy Guide: https://www.gamespot.com/games/hogwarts-legacy/

YouTube Video Guides: Search for “Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages Locations” on 

YouTube for video walkthroughs.

Tips for Finding Field Guide Pages:

Explore Everywhere: Don’t just stick to the main pathways. Look for hidden corners, secret passages, and climbable areas.

Use Revelio Often: This spell highlights hidden objects and secrets, including Field Guide Pages.

Happy Hunting!

With a little patience, exploration, and these helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to completing your Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide and unlocking all its secrets.

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