Under Siege: A High-Octane Battleship Blast from the 90s 

Released in 1992, “Under Siege” took audiences on an explosive thrill ride aboard the U.S. Navy battleship Missouri. This action film, directed by Andrew Davis, cemented Steven Seagal’s status as an action star and delivered a crowd-pleasing blend of explosive stunts, witty dialogue, and a surprisingly engaging central performance.

A Chef with a Past

Casey Ryback (Seagal) is our unlikely hero. A former Navy SEAL turned cook, Ryback reluctantly accompanies his niece Sarah (Erika Eleniak) for a birthday celebration aboard the battleship, now a museum ship.  

The film cleverly establishes Ryback’s competence through subtle details.  He expertly navigates the unfamiliar environment, his keen eye catching security lapses that foreshadow the coming threat.

Hijacked by Mercenaries

Enter Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones), a former CIA operative leading a band of heavily armed mercenaries. Disguised as technicians, they seize control of the battleship, their true objective being the Tomahawk cruise missiles hidden within. 

Captain Adams (舰长 Jiànzhǎng, Captain) (Ronald Guttman) and his crew are taken hostage, leaving Ryback, with his military background and knowledge of the ship’s layout, as the only one who can stop them.

Die Hard on a Battleship

The film borrows heavily from the “Die Hard” formula, placing a lone hero against overwhelming odds in a confined space.  However, “Under Siege” carves its own niche with its unique setting. 

The battleship becomes a giant metal labyrinth, offering Ryback opportunities for stealthy takedowns and dramatic escapes through ventilation shafts and narrow corridors.

Seagal’s Stoic Appeal

Seagal’s portrayal of Ryback is a masterclass in stoic masculinity. He’s a man of few words, letting his actions speak volumes. Seagal’s background in aikido translates well to the fight choreography, with brutal efficiency replacing flashy kicks and punches.  

His deadpan delivery of one-liners adds a surprising layer of humor, particularly when facing off against the flamboyant and unhinged  Billionaire Bigelow (Gary Busey), Strannix’s erratic financier.

Beyond the Action

While the action is undeniably the main draw, “Under Siege” offers more than just explosions and martial arts. The supporting cast is excellent.  Tommy Lee Jones delivers a menacing performance as the ruthless Strannix, his calm demeanor masking a dangerous unpredictability.  

Gary Busey chews the scenery as the delightfully manic Bigelow, providing a welcome comedic counterpoint to the film’s intensity.

Technical Triumph

The technical aspects of the film deserve praise. The sound design is particularly impressive, with the constant hum of the battleship and the thunderous roar of gunfire creating a truly immersive experience. 

The visual effects, while dated by today’s standards, still hold up, convincingly capturing the scale and power of the battleship’s weaponry.

Critical Reception and Legacy

“Under Siege” was a critical and commercial success.  Praised for its action sequences, performances, and surprisingly tight script, it garnered two Academy Award nominations for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.  

The film has since become a cult classic, fondly remembered for its over-the-top action and quotable dialogue.

A Sequel Sets Sail

There was a follow-up to “Under Siege” called “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” (1995). While commercially successful, it lacked the originality and charm of the first film.  Seagal reprised his role as Ryback, this time battling mercenaries on a passenger train.  

Despite its shortcomings, the sequel serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of the “Under Siege” franchise.


What’s the plot of “Under Siege”?

Casey Ryback (Seagal), a former Navy SEAL turned cook, reluctantly accompanies his niece Sarah on a birthday celebration aboard the decommissioned U.S.S. Missouri. Turns out, it’s not all fun and games. A band of mercenaries led by the ruthless Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones) seizes control of the battleship, aiming to steal hidden Tomahawk cruise missiles. Ryback, with his military expertise and knowledge of the ship’s layout, becomes the unlikely hero, thwarting the hijackers and saving the day.

How is “Under Siege” different from other action movies?

Yes, it borrows the “lone hero in a confined space” theme from “Die Hard.” But instead of a skyscraper, the action unfolds on a massive battleship. This unique setting allows for creative fight sequences and claustrophobic tension as Ryback navigates the ship’s labyrinthine corridors.

What makes Casey Ryback such a compelling character?

Seagal’s portrayal is all about stoicism. Ryback is a man of action, his silence speaking volumes. He’s a skilled fighter, utilizing his aikido background for efficient takedowns. Seagal’s deadpan delivery of one-liners adds a surprising layer of humor, particularly when facing off against the flamboyant villain.

Who are the villains in the film?

Tommy Lee Jones delivers a chilling performance as Strannix, the mastermind behind the hijacking. He’s calm and calculating, making him all the more dangerous. Gary Busey provides a comedic counterpoint as the erratic and unhinged billionaire Bigelow, who finances the operation.

What are some of the film’s highlights?

“Under Siege” delivers on the action front. From Ryback’s silent takedowns to large-scale explosions, the film keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The sound design is phenomenal, immersing viewers in the battleship’s environment with the constant hum of machinery and the roar of gunfire.

How did audiences and critics react to the film?

The film was a hit!  Critically praised for its action, performances, and script, it even received two Academy Award nominations for sound editing and mixing.  Seagal’s portrayal of Ryback was a highlight, solidifying his action star status.

Was there a sequel?

Yes! “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” (1995) brought Ryback back, but this time the action shifted to a passenger train. While commercially successful, it lacked the originality and charm of the original.

Is “Under Siege” still relevant today?

Sure! While some aspects feel dated, the core themes of heroism, sacrifice, and overcoming overwhelming odds remain timeless.  The film’s focus on practical effects and well-choreographed action sequences hold up surprisingly well.

Where can I watch “Under Siege”?

The film is available on various streaming platforms and for digital purchase/rental. You can also find physical copies on DVD and Blu-ray.

Who should watch “Under Siege”?

If you’re looking for a fun, action-packed escape with a dash of humor, then “Under Siege” is for you. It’s a perfect choice for fans of 90s action flicks and anyone who enjoys seeing an unlikely hero rise to the occasion.

“Under Siege” is a prime example of the 90s action genre at its best.  It’s a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering a fun and thrilling escape with well-choreographed action sequences, a charismatic lead performance, and a healthy dose of humor.  

While some aspects may feel dated,  “Under Siege” remains a thoroughly entertaining watch, a testament to the enduring power of a good old-fashioned action movie.

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