Insane Vision Pro Games Pushing the Hardware to its Limits

Have you noticed the hype around the Vision Pro dying down lately? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s still an incredible piece of tech – but I think the initial excitement is diminishing now that it’s been out for a while. I’ll tell you what, though: those of you who have one are still finding innovative ways to use it almost every day.

Gaming, especially, has become extremely immersive on this gadget, way beyond anything else out there. Some Vision Pro games really showcase its capabilities and take full advantage of its powers.

Crossy Road Castle

You have to check out Crossy Road Castle on the Vision Pro. It’s so awesome! It takes the old Crossy Road game we used to play and enhances it with multiplayer capabilities. Now, you can race other players to the top of this huge castle, allowing the game to be super competitive.

The controls are easy to pick up, too, so even kids can participate in the fun. And since it’s part of Apple Arcade, you know it’s family-friendly. The graphics look crispy and sharp on the Vision Pro, too.

Disney Melee Mania

Disney Melee Mania on the Vision Pro is a revolutionary development. It lets you battle as all your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, like Elsa from Frozen or Buzz Lightyear. How sick is that?!

It’s multiplayer, too, so you can team up with friends plus take on other players online. The graphics are insanely lifelike when you’re fighting Hulk. Really, it feels like they jumped out of the screen. What makes it so immersive is how the Vision Pro leverages its spatial computing. It pulls you into the game as if you’re actually dodging lasers.

Exit the Gungeon

Are you seeking a game that’ll challenge your reflexes intensely? Check out Exit the Gungeon on the Vision Pro – it’s wild.

It’s like a dungeon climber where you navigate through different floors, but the twist is bullets are flying everywhere. I’m talking about a multitude of enemies continuously attacking you. You have to stay alert to avoid getting hit.

And it just gets harder the further you get, throwing new baddies and obstacles at you every time. The action is so fast-paced it pushes the Vision Pro to its limits. The graphics are nuts, and it just pulls you in the intensity of dodging bullets left and right.


Currently, if you are in the UK or anywhere globally, finding your favorite slot app on Vision Pro takes a lot of work. If you can’t find a slot game in the App Store, you can still access it on the Vision Pro using the Safari app. First, open the app library and launch Safari – the official Apple web browser. In the address bar, just type or paste the URL of your favorite slot website game.

Hit enter, and it’ll load your favorite UK slots online website. From there, you can browse to locate the game. Often, online casinos or sites with slots of games will let you click “Play” to launch. You may need to register an account, but it’s not much different than on your phone. It also works great with the Vision Pro since the display is big.

Bottom Line

As developers continue optimizing titles for the Vision Pro’s power, the future of gaming on this device looks incredibly immersive. More advanced spatial audio and interactive elements may further improve immersion. Though initial hype has faded, the Vision Pro remains an unparalleled platform for innovative games.

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