The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A Hero’s Journey

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece of open-world exploration and adventure. This guide will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the main story, highlighting key points and offering strategic advice to conquer Hyrule. 

Remember, this is just one path through the vast landscape, and venturing off the beaten track is highly encouraged!

Awakening on the Great Plateau

Your journey begins on the Great Plateau, a secluded area serving as a tutorial for the game’s mechanics. Follow the Sheikah Slate’s guidance to complete the four shrines:

Dah Kah Geeg Shrine: Learn to activate Sheikah towers and gain the ability to see nearby Shrines and locations.

Daka Tuss Shrine: Master the remote bomb mechanic to navigate puzzles and defeat enemies.

Keo Ruug Shrine: Utilize Stasis to freeze objects and solve environmental puzzles.

Myahm Agana Shrine: This final shrine tests your combat skills and introduces the Cryonis rune, allowing you to create ice platforms on water.

Upon completing these shrines, head to the Temple of Time and activate the Sheikah Slate. This unlocks the memories of the four Divine Beasts, your primary objective in the game.

Divine Beasts and Champions

Your mission is to free the four Divine Beasts, colossal machines corrupted by Ganon’s malice. Each Divine Beast is associated with a Champion, a powerful warrior who perished during the Calamity. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Vah Ruta (Zora’s Domain):

Location: Zora’s Domain, located north of the Great Plateau.

Champion: Mipha, Princess of the Zora.

Main Quest: Help Prince Sidon free his father, King Dorephan, from Vah Ruta’s control.

Reward: Mipha’s Grace, a powerful healing ability.

Vah Naboris (Gerudo Desert):

Location: Gerudo Desert, in the southwest of the map.

Champion: Urbosa, Chieftain of the Gerudo.

Main Quest: Assist Gerudo Captain Riju in infiltrating Vah Naboris and defeating the Divine Beast.

Reward: Urbosa’s Fury, a powerful electric attack.

Vah Medoh (Eldin Canyon):

Location: Eldin Canyon, a volcanic region in the northeast.

Champion: Daruk, King of the Gorons.

Main Quest: Aid Yunobo, Daruk’s son, in reaching Vah Medoh and overcoming the Divine Beast.

Reward: Daruk’s Protection, a temporary shield that deflects attacks.

Vah Rudania (Death Mountain):

Location: Death Mountain, an active volcano in the south-central region.

Champion: Revali, a skilled archer of the Rito tribe.

Main Quest: Assist the Rito Champion Teba in accessing Vah Rudania and defeating its corrupted form.

Reward: Revali’s Gale, a powerful updraft that allows Link to reach high places.

Conquering the Divine Beasts

Each Divine Beast involves a series of puzzles and combat encounters. Utilize your Sheikah Slate abilities creatively to solve environmental puzzles and defeat enemies blocking your path. Remember to stock up on arrows, food, and potions before venturing into each Divine Beast.

Tips for Success:

Talk to NPCs: Gather information about the Divine Beasts and Champions by conversing with people in nearby towns and villages.

Explore Thoroughly: Each Divine Beast has hidden areas containing chests with valuable items and upgrades.

Utilize the Environment: Use the elements to your advantage. For example, use Cryonis to create ice platforms on water or use bombs to destroy cracked walls.

Boss Battles: Each Divine Beast culminates in a boss fight. Observe the boss’s attack patterns and exploit their weaknesses to emerge victorious.

Freeing Hyrule and Facing Ganon

After freeing all four Divine Beasts, head to Hyrule Castle to confront Ganon. The castle is a formidable challenge, filled with enemies and environmental hazards. Utilize the abilities gained from the Champions and strategically deploy your combat skills to reach the final showdown.

The Final Battle:

The battle against Ganon is a test of everything you’ve learned throughout your journey. Utilize the Champion’s abilities effectively and dodge Ganon’s powerful attacks to emerge victorious and save Hyrule.

Beyond the Main Story

Breath of the Wild offers a vast open world brimming with side quests, Shrines, and secrets to discover. Here are some additional activities to enrich your experience:

Shrine Hunting: Seek out the 120 Shrines scattered across Hyrule, each offering unique challenges and rewards.

Side Quests: Engage in numerous side quests offered by NPCs, often leading to interesting stories, rare items, and new locations.

Korok Seeds: Collect 900 Korok Seeds hidden throughout the world to expand your inventory space.

Mini-Games: Discover and participate in various mini-games like cooking, monster hunting, and horse racing.


Where do I start after the Great Plateau?

After completing the four shrines and activating the Sheikah Slate, the world opens up. Head to any of the four Divine Beast locations marked on your map:

Zora’s Domain (North)

Gerudo Desert (Southwest)

Eldin Canyon (Northeast)

Death Mountain (South-Central)

Talk to NPCs in nearby towns for clues and directions.

How do I defeat the Divine Beasts?

Each Divine Beast involves a series of puzzles and a final boss fight. Utilize your Sheikah Slate abilities creatively:

Bombs: Destroy cracked walls, activate mechanisms.

Stasis: Freeze objects to solve environmental puzzles.

Cryonis: Create ice platforms on water to reach higher areas.

Magnesis: Move metal objects to solve puzzles or attack enemies.

What are the rewards for freeing the Divine Beasts?

Each Champion grants you a unique ability upon freeing their respective Divine Beast:

Mipha’s Grace: Powerful healing ability.

Urbosa’s Fury: Powerful electric attack.

Daruk’s Protection: Temporary shield deflecting attacks.

Revali’s Gale: Powerful updraft allowing you to reach high places.

How do I access Hyrule Castle?

Once all four Divine Beasts are freed, travel to Hyrule Castle for the final confrontation with Ganon. The castle is heavily guarded and filled with challenging enemies.

How hard is the final battle against Ganon?

The Ganon fight requires strategic use of your Champion abilities, dodging powerful attacks, and exploiting his weaknesses. Utilizing the Master Sword is highly recommended.

What are Shrines and what do they offer?

Shrines are mini-dungeons scattered throughout Hyrule, offering unique puzzles and challenges. Completing them rewards Spirit Orbs, which can be exchanged for additional heart containers or stamina upgrades.

How do I find all the Korok Seeds?

There are 900 Korok Seeds hidden across Hyrule. Finding them expands your inventory space, allowing you to carry more items. Look for tiny Koroks disguised as trees, often near circles of leaves.

What are some helpful side activities?

Breath of the Wild offers a plethora of side quests, mini-games, and hidden locations. Here are a few suggestions:

Cooking: Experiment with ingredients to create powerful dishes that restore health, grant temporary buffs, or offer elemental resistance.

Monster Hunting: Defeat specific monsters for rare materials and rewards.

Horse Racing: Participate in races for rupees and potentially find special horses.

What are some helpful tips for beginners?

Talk to NPCs: Gather information, hints, and side quests from characters in towns and villages.

Explore thoroughly: Many hidden secrets and treasures are tucked away in unexpected corners.

Experiment with the environment: Use the elements to your advantage, like freezing water with Stasis or creating ice platforms with Cryonis.

Manage your resources: Weapons degrade over time, so stock up on replacements and utilize different weapon types strategically.

Are there difficulty settings?

Yes, you can adjust the game difficulty to suit your playstyle. Master Mode offers a tougher challenge with tougher enemies and environmental hazards.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a journey of discovery and wonder. This walkthrough provides a roadmap for the main story, but the true joy lies in venturing off the beaten path and exploring the vast world of Hyrule. 

Embrace the spirit of adventure, conquer challenges, and forge your own legend in this unforgettable masterpiece.

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