A Tight Race at the Top: NIFL Premiership Standings Update

The 2023-24 NIFL Premiership season has entered an exciting arrangement. With just a handful of recreations remaining, the battle for the championship title is furious, whereas the fight to avoid transfer is equally dramatic. Let’s dig into the current standings and analyze the key storylines that will shape the remainder of the season.

Larne Leads the Charge: Can They Clinch the Title?

Larne currently sits on the table, boasting an impressive 80 focuses after 33 recreations. Their success is built on a solid cautious unit that has conceded as it were 17 objectives all season, the lowest in the alliance. Upfront, solid scorers like Ronan Hale and Lee Lynch have reliably found the net, moving Larne to a sound objective difference of +52.

Larne’s recent form has been especially amazing. They are unbeaten in their final five divisions, showcasing a winning attitude vital in the title race. However, their remaining fixtures include clashes against furious rivals Linfield and Cliftonville. How they navigate these crucial matches will decide their championship fate.

Linfield Lingers: Can They Retain Their Crown?

Linfield, the reigning champions, are hot on One’s heels with 78 goals. Whereas they haven’t been as defensively resolute as Larne, their attacking ability has been irrefutable. The productive duo of Joel Cooper and Shayne Lavery has contributed a significant share of objectives, keeping Linfield in the title hunt.

However, Linfield’s inconsistency might prove expensive. Recent draws against apparently weaker opponents have hampered their force. They desperately require a winning run to keep the pressure on Larne. The upcoming encounter between these two title contenders guarantees to be a nerve-wracking affair.

Cliftonville Chasing: Can They Cause an Upset?

Cliftonville, perched at third place with 70 points, are the shock package of the season. They have shown a well-organized approach under manager Paddy McLaughlin, combining a solid defense with an energetic attack. The encounter of Chris Curran and the creativity of Rory Hale have been instrumental in Cliftonville’s success.

While their title aspirations might appear a tad distant, Cliftonville can still play a significant part in the championship race. A potential win against Larne may throw the title race wide open. Also, securing a European capability spot is a realistic goal for Cliftonville, making their remaining matches crucial.

The Mid-Table Mayhem: Who Secures European Spots?

The fight for European capability guarantees to be just as intriguing as the title race. Glentoran, currently in fourth with 56 focuses, are the favorites. Their attacking style, initiated by the pacey Conor McMenamin, makes them a perilous adversary. However, consistency has been an issue, and they cannot afford any slip-ups.

Crusaders, in fifth with 55 focuses, are another contender for a European spot. The entry of striker Jordan Stewart has bolstered their attacking options, while ingenious goalkeeper Aaron McCarey proceeds to be a reliable presence at the back. However, their recent form has been underwhelming, putting their European desires in jeopardy.

Relegation Scrap: Who Will Face the Drop?

The battle to avoid relegation is similarly tense. Coleraine, currently in sixth with 41 focuses, seem generally secure from the drop zone. However, teams like Loughgall (39 focuses), Carrick Rangers (38 points), and Glenavon (34 focuses) are all embroiled in an assignment battle.

Loughgall, despite a decent attacking record, have battled protectively. Carrick Rangers’ irregularity and Glenavon’s destitute form throughout the season leave them helpless. The upcoming fixtures between these groups will be transfer deciders, with each point vital for survival.

Ballymena and Newry City: Already Relegated?

Ballymena United (19 focuses) and Newry City (17 points) appear predetermined for transfer. Both groups have endured dismal campaigns, plagued by a need for goals and cautious frailties. With just a few diversions remaining, their center might move to building for another season’s NIFL Championship campaign.


The NIFL Prevalence is on a knife-edge. The title race guaranteed to be an exciting issue between Larne and Linfield, with Cliftonville possibly causing an upset. The battle for European spots is similarly competitive, whereas the relegation scrap will see a few teams fight tooth and nail for survival. With the season nearing its climax, each match holds colossal significance, making the remaining fixtures unmissable for all NIFL Premiership fans.


Who is currently leading the NIFL Premiership?

Larne sits atop the table with 80 points after 33 games.

Who are the main challengers for the title?

Linfield (78 points) and Cliftonville (70 points) are Larne’s closest competitors.

What are the key factors in the title race?

Larne’s solid defense and recent form, Linfield’s attacking ability, and Cliftonville’s potential to cause an upset are all significant factors.

How many points are awarded for a win, draw, and loss?

The NIFL Premiership follows the standard three-point framework. Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

What is the goal contrast tiebreaker for the standings?

If two or more groups are tied on focuses, goal distinction is the first tiebreaker utilized. The group with the higher contrast between objectives scored and goals conceded will be ranked higher.

What happens if teams are still tied after using goal difference?

If teams are still tied after goal difference, the number of goals scored is used as the following tiebreaker. The group with the higher number of goals scored all through the season will be positioned higher.

Are there any playoffs to determine the champion or relegation?

No, there are no playoffs in the NIFL Premiership. The group with the most points at the end of the season is crowned winner, and the bottom two teams are consigned to the NIFL Championship.

What are the implications of relegation from the NIFL Premiership?

Relegation from the NIFL Premiership implies a drop down to the NIFL Championship, the second tier of Northern Irish football. This implies a tougher battle for promotion back to the Premiership the following season. Furthermore, consigned groups might face financial downsides due to reduced tv revenue and sponsorship deals.

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