A Guide to the Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the perilous world of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), crafting powerful equipment is essential for overcoming challenging encounters.  One such location,  the Adamantine Forge, holds the key to forging some of the  most potent weapons and armor in the early game.  

This guide delves into the secrets of the Adamantine Forge,  explaining how to  find it,  utilize its  unique crafting system,  and  craft  legendary gear to empower your  adventuring party.

A Legacy of Dwarven Might: Unveiling the Adamantine Forge

The Adamantine Forge is a remnant of a bygone era,  a  powerful  dwarven  creation  capable of  forging  adamantine,  an  incredibly  strong  and  lightweight  alloy.  Finding this forge  becomes  an  important  objective  in Act One,  as  the  crafted  items  it  offers  can  significantly  boost  your party’s capabilities.

Here’s  what you need to know  about  the Adamantine Forge:

Location: The forge is hidden deep within the Underdark, an extensive network of subterranean tunnels accessible through the Underdark Beach waypoint. Be prepared to face dangers like duergars and other hostile creatures on your journey.

Activation: Once you locate the forge, it appears dormant. To activate it, you’ll need to gather specific materials and interact with levers and buttons found around the platform.

The Magic of Mithril and Molds: Fueling the Forge

The Adamantine Forge  utilizes  a  unique  crafting  system  that  differs  from  traditional  weapon  and  armor  acquisition  methods  in BG3.  Here’s how it works:

Mithril Ore: This precious metal serves as a key ingredient in the forging process. Mithril veins can be found scattered throughout the Underdark. Look for glowing blue clusters on cave walls and destroy them to collect the ore.

Molds: These special items determine the type of equipment you can craft. Different molds exist for various weapons and armor pieces. You’ll find molds through exploration or by purchasing them from certain vendors.

The Forging Process: Once you have mithril ore and a desired mold, approach the forge. Place the mold in the chamber and the mithril ore in the crucible. Activate the forge lever to lower the platform and initiate the crafting process.

Important Note:  The Adamantine Forge consumes  mithril ore  during  each  crafting  session.  Use  your  mithril  wisely  and  plan  your  creations  carefully.

From Crucible to Champion: Crafting Powerful Equipment

The Adamantine Forge allows you to  forge  exceptional  equipment  that  outclasses  most  standard  gear  found  during  early  exploration  in BG3.  Here’s what you can expect:

Enhanced Stats: Weapons crafted at the Adamantine Forge boast superior damage output and critical hit chances. Armor offers increased protection against physical and magical attacks.

Unique Properties: Certain molds might grant crafted items special properties, such as elemental damage or resistance to specific effects. Experiment with different molds to discover the perfect equipment for your party’s needs.

By  harnessing  the  power  of the Adamantine Forge, you  can  significantly  improve  your  party’s  combat  effectiveness,  giving  you  an  advantage  over  enemies  you  encounter  throughout  your  Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure.

Beyond the Basics: Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Forge

As you delve deeper into the secrets of the Adamantine Forge, here are some tips and tricks to maximize its potential:

Prioritize Weapon Crafting: In the early stages of BG3, focusing on crafting powerful weapons for your damage dealers can yield greater combat benefits compared to armor.

Plan Your Mithril Usage: Mithril ore can be scarce in the Underdark. Carefully consider which equipment to craft first based on your party’s needs. Forging weapons for multiple party members might be more advantageous than crafting heavy armor for just one character.

Explore Thoroughly: Keep an eye out for hidden caches and containers throughout the Underdark. These may contain mithril ore or even valuable molds.

Seek Out Merchants: Some vendors in the surface world, particularly those specializing in rare materials, might sell mithril ore or unique molds. Check their wares frequently.

Consider Party Composition: Think about your party’s class makeup when deciding what to craft. If you have a rogue, prioritize crafting light and agile daggers or shortbows. For heavy fighters, consider two-handed axes or plate armor.

Utilize Your Environment: The Underdark is fraught with peril. Use the environment to your advantage. For example, lure enemies near deep chasms or explosive barrels to thin their numbers before engaging in combat, especially when protecting your mithril supplies.

By  following  these  tips  and  experimenting  with  different  crafting  combinations,  you can  transform  the Adamantine Forge  from  a  simple  crafting  station  into  a  wellspring  of  powerful  equipment,  empowering your  party  to  conquer  the  challenges  that  lie  ahead  in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Remember,  information  about  BG3  is  still  being  updated  as  the  game  is  in  Early Access.  New  discoveries  regarding  the Adamantine Forge  may  be  made  in the future.  Keep  an eye out for  community  guides  and  discussions  to  stay  abreast  of  the  latest  findings.  With  strategic  planning  and  resourcefulness,  you can  harness  the  power  of the Adamantine Forge  to  forge  your  path  to  victory  in Baldur’s Gate 3.


The Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a hidden gem offering powerful crafting opportunities. Here’s a breakdown to quench your thirst for knowledge:

What is the Adamantine Forge?

Deep within the Underdark lies the Adamantine Forge, a legendary furnace capable of crafting incredibly powerful weapons and armor. By harnessing its might, you can significantly enhance your party’s gear.

How do I find the Adamantine Forge?

Reaching the Forge requires some exploration:

Reach the Underdark: Traverse the Underdark using the Underdark Duergar Boat located at the Underdark Beach waypoint.

Seek the Abandoned Refuge: Navigate through the Underdark until you find the Abandoned Refuge area.

Bridge the Gap: Use the hanging bridges and levers (or ranged attacks) to cross above lava pits.

How do I use the Adamantine Forge?

The Forge requires specific ingredients and actions:

Gather the Supplies:

Mold: Find a weapon or armor mold (acquired through quests or exploration).

Mithral Ore: Locate Mithral Ore veins in the Underdark (watch out for fiery Imps!).

Activate the Forge:

Place the mold in the chamber.

Add Mithral Ore to the central crucible.

Pull the Forge Lever to lower the platform and access the lower level.

Craft Your Gear:

Interact with the crucible again to add more Mithral Ore (used per crafting session).

Pull the Forge Lever to activate the hammer and initiate the crafting process.

What are some helpful tips?

Explore the Underdark thoroughly to find weapon/armor molds and Mithral Ore.

Save your game before using the Forge, as the crafting process consumes Mithral Ore.

Consider character abilities: If someone in your party has teleportation or ranged attacks, they can help navigate the hanging bridges.

Where can I find more information?

IGN Walkthrough: https://www.ign.com/wikis/baldurs-gate-3/The_Adamantine_Forge

Fextralife Wiki: https://bg3.wiki/wiki/Adamantine_Forge

YouTube Guide: Search for “Baldur’s Gate 3 Adamantine Forge Guide” for video tutorials.

Remember:  The Adamantine Forge offers a chance to create legendary equipment. So, gather your supplies, delve into the Underdark, and unleash the power of this ancient relic!

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