Birmingham to Liverpool

Birmingham to Liverpool traveling by car, and brace yourself for an amazing adventure. This route takes visitors on a historical tour through the past of England in addition to connecting two energetic cities. This road journey offers plenty of aesthetic delights along with adventure and discovery as it passes by industrial relics and nautical marvels.

Traveling Out of Birmingham: A Contrasting City

Begin your tour in the city of Birmingham, a city renowned for its varied cultural scene and rich industrial legacy. Travel past the old red-brick houses of the Jewelry Quarter, set against the backdrop of the city’s tall skyscrapers.

The Peaceful Staffordshire Countryside

The scene starts to change as you depart Birmingham behind and enter Staffordshire’s serene countryside. While traveling through this breathtaking area, you will see rolling hills, lush fields, and quaint villages scattered throughout the terrain. As you travel by charming market villages and historic cathedrals, each with a unique story to tell, keep your camera close at hand.

The Potteries are a pit stop in Stoke-on-Trent

Take a side trip to Stoke-on-Trent, also referred to as the Potteries because of its extensive history of producing ceramics. Take a walk around the charming streets of Burslem, which used to be the center of the pottery industry, or investigate the intriguing world of potter in the Gladstone Pottery Museum.

Entering Cheshire from across the border

You’ll be met by beautiful towns and undulating surroundings as soon you decide to cross the border from England into Cheshire. As you travel closer to Chester’s historic center, take a moment to admire the stunning scenery of this bucolic area. Chester, with its unmistakable medieval walls and spectacular cathedral, is a must-see location along the way.

Welcome to Liverpool, the Historic City

The famous Liver Building plus the beautiful River Mersey dominate the skyline as you get closer to Liverpool. Take an excursion on one of the numerous suspension bridges in the city to get a feel of the lively atmosphere of the city’s epicenter of culture. With its ancient waterfront and famous music culture, Liverpool possesses enough to offer just about any type of traveler.

More than just a Journey:

Industrial historical Sites: 

If you’re traveling via Birmingham to Liverpool, you might want to make a stop at a few important industrial historical sites. Stop by the Black Country Living Museums in Birmingham to get a personal look at life amid the industrial revolution. See the Albert Dock in Liverpool, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO that was essential to the development of the city’s maritime heritage.

Scenic Routes: 

Although the M6 highway is the quickest and most straightforward path from Birmingham to Liverpool, you may want to explore making some beautiful side trips to improve your travel experience. Driving across the Peak District National Park on the A54 provides breath-taking vistas of undulating hills and quaint towns. As an alternative, a peaceful and beautiful drive can be had via the A50 across the rural areas of Staffordshire.

Culinary Delights: 

Enjoy some regional specialties along the trip. Birmingham and Liverpool both have thriving culinary scenes. Don’t pass up the chance to sample Birmingham’s renowned Balti curry.

Outdoor Adventures: 

There are plenty of hiking routes and beautiful overlooks in the Peak District National Park, making it the ideal place to take a little break from the traffic. Wander through one of Liverpool’s many parks or green areas, or meander along the waterfront promenade.

Historical Landmarks: 

There are a lot of interesting historical landmarks in Birmingham and Liverpool. To discover more about the history and culture of Birmingham, pay a visit to the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. One of the biggest cathedrals in the world, the famous Liverpool Cathedral, is a must-see when in Liverpool.

Ways To travel through Birmingham to Liverpool:

Direct Trains: 

Getting to Liverpool Lime Street station coming from Birmingham New Street station by direct train is the most common route. This line is operated by several train companies, such as West Midlands Railway and Avanti West Coast. The average travel time is between 1.5 and 2 hours, relying on the stops and level of service.


You can drive via Birmingham to Liverpool if you’d rather have more freedom. It’s a rather simple trip, mostly taken on the M6 freeway. Depending on traffic circumstances, the approximately 90-mile drive distance usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

Coach Services: 

Daily coach journeys from Birmingham towards Liverpool are provided by National Express, which is a reasonably priced option to take the train. Depending on the route and any stops, the trip usually takes between 2.5 and 3 hours, which is a little longer than by rail.


There are flights from Birmingham Airport towards Liverpool John Lennon Airport, albeit they are not the most popular choice for domestic travel inside the United Kingdom. However, compared to traveling by train or automobile, flying might not be the most convenient or time-efficient alternative given the small distance connecting the two cities.

In summary:

Traveling from Birmingham towards Liverpool is an adventure through history and time, not just a simple road trip. Every mile traveled opens a new chapter in the history of England, from the nautical legacy of Liverpool to the industrial past of Birmingham. So gather your belongings, head forth, and let the journey begin!


How long would it take to get to Liverpool by car from Birmingham?

About 90 miles separate Birmingham and Liverpool from the east coast of the United Kingdom. Depending on the route taken and the volume of traffic, the drive takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Does the route have any tolls?

Yes, there may be tolls at specific locations, for instance the M6 Toll road, if you choose the fastest and easiest path via the M6 motorway. On the other hand, there are other routes that don’t have to be paid for.

Which beautiful places should I see on the way?

The Peak District National Park, which offers breathtaking views of nature and the charming Cheshire villages of Northampton and Knutsford are a couple of the lovely destinations along the journey from Birmingham to Liverpool.

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