Body of Proof: A Look Back at the Medical Drama

“Body of Proof” wasn’t your typical medical drama.  While it showcased the complexities of medical procedures and diagnoses, it did so through the lens of a brilliant but troubled medical examiner, Dr. Megan Hunt.  

This blend of forensic science and personal drama captivated audiences for three seasons, leaving a lasting impression despite its relatively short run.

From Neurosurgeon to Medical Examiner: Dr. Megan Hunt’s Journey

The series centered around Dr. Megan Hunt (played by the phenomenal Dana Delany), a once-celebrated neurosurgeon whose career was tragically cut short by a car accident. 

Unable to operate due to a tremor in her hand, Dr. Hunt finds redemption and a  new purpose as a medical examiner in Philadelphia.

A Unique Approach: Unraveling Mysteries Beyond the Autopsy

Dr. Hunt’s brilliance and meticulous nature weren’t limited to the autopsy table.  She possessed an uncanny ability to read the physical evidence and reconstruct the events leading to a person’s death. 

This “unorthodox” method often put her at odds with the police and even her superiors, highlighting the tension between traditional investigation and Dr. Hunt’s intuition.

The Team Behind the Scalpel:

Dr. Hunt wasn’t alone in her pursuit of the truth.  The series featured a strong supporting cast:

Dr. Ethan Gross (Geoffrey Arend): 

A charming and tech-savvy assistant medical examiner who becomes Dr. Hunt’s confidante and sounding board.

Detective Danny Banco (Jeremy Ratchford): 

A seasoned detective initially skeptical of Dr. Hunt’s methods, but eventually forming a strong working relationship.

Dr. Lauren Hitchens (Jeri Ryan): 

A brilliant but competitive colleague who sometimes clashes with Dr. Hunt’s unorthodox approach.

Beyond the Medical Cases: Exploring Personal Struggles

“Body of Proof” wasn’t afraid to delve into the personal lives of its characters. Dr. Hunt grapples with the aftermath of her accident, the guilt of losing a patient on the operating table, and the challenges of being a single mother.  

The supporting cast also had their own personal struggles, creating a well-rounded and relatable ensemble.

Why Did “Body of Proof” End?

Despite critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase, “Body of Proof” was cancelled by ABC after three seasons. The reasons for the cancellation are not entirely clear, but some speculate it could be due to:

Declining ratings: 

While the show had a loyal audience, viewership may not have met ABC’s expectations.

Shifting network priorities: 

Networks often adjust their programming based on current trends. Perhaps medical dramas fell out of favor at the time.

Creative direction: 

It’s possible the network wanted to take the show in a different direction that didn’t align with the creators’ vision.

A Legacy of Intrigue and Insightæ

“Body of Proof” may be off the air, but its legacy lives on.  The show offered a unique perspective on the world of forensic pathology, highlighting the vital role medical examiners play in solving crimes.  It also explored the human cost of tragedy and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Show’s Impact on Pop Culture

“Body of Proof” resonated with viewers for several reasons:

Strong female lead: 

Dr. Megan Hunt was a complex and compelling character who defied stereotypes.

Focus on forensic science: 

The show offered a glimpse into the fascinating world of forensics and the meticulous work involved in solving crimes.

Emotional storytelling: 

Beyond the medical investigations, the show explored the emotional toll on characters dealing with loss and trauma.

A Show Worth Revisiting

Even though “Body of Proof” ended in 2013, it remains a captivating watch for fans of medical dramas and crime procedurals. 

Its blend of forensic science, personal stories, and a strong female lead ensures its place as a memorable entry in television history.  So, if you’re looking for a show that combines medical intrigue with compelling characters, “Body of Proof” is definitely worth adding to your watchlist.


Q: What is Body of Proof about?

A: It follows Dr. Megan Hunt, a brilliant neurosurgeon forced to become a medical examiner after a car accident. She uses her unique skills to solve crimes and help the living while examining the dead.

Q: When did Body of Proof air?

A: The show ran for three seasons, from March 29, 2011, to May 28, 2013, on ABC.

Q: Who created Body of Proof?

A: Christopher Murphey is credited with creating the series.

Q: Who plays Dr. Megan Hunt?

A: The talented Dana Delany portrays the tenacious Dr. Megan Hunt.

Q: Who are the other main characters?

A: The show features a compelling cast, including Dr. Ethan Gross (Nicholas Bishop), Dr. Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan), and Detective Danny freaking Beckett (John Carroll Lynch).

Q: Did any other notable actors appear on Body of Proof?

A: Yes! Guest stars included Mary Mouser, Mark Valley, and Elyes Gabel.

Q: What kind of cases does Dr. Hunt tackle?

A: Each episode presents a unique forensic mystery, with Dr. Hunt using her expertise to uncover the cause of death and identify the culprit.

Q: Does Body of Proof explore themes beyond crime solving?

A: Absolutely! The show delves into Dr. Hunt’s personal journey as she rebuilds her life and career after a devastating accident.

Q: Are there any romantic interests for Dr. Hunt?

A: Yes, Dr. Hunt explores romantic relationships throughout the series, adding a layer of complexity to her character.

Q: Was Body of Proof critically acclaimed?

A: Reviews were mixed, with some praising the show’s premise and Dana Delany’s performance, while others found it formulaic.

Q: Did Body of Proof win any awards?

A: The show received nominations for various awards, including the People’s Choice Awards and the ASCAP Award for Top Television Series.

Q: Is there a Body of Proof fandom?

A: Absolutely! Fans continue to discuss the show online, reminiscing about their favorite characters, plot twists, and forensic mysteries.

Q: Can I stream Body of Proof anywhere?

A: Availability might change, but you can search for streaming options on platforms like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video (subscriptions might be required).

Q: Are there any real-life crime shows similar to Body of Proof?

A: Several shows delve into forensic science, such as “CSI” or “Bones.”

Q:  If I enjoyed Body of Proof, what other medical dramas would you recommend?

A: Shows like “House M.D.” or “The Good Doctor” offer similar themes of brilliant doctors tackling complex medical cases.

Q:  Does Dana Delany have any other notable acting roles?

A:  Yes! Dana Delany has a decorated career, appearing in shows like “China Beach” and “Desperate Housewives.”

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