Calling All Football Fans: EA SPORTS FC 24 Has Kicked Off!

Attention football enthusiasts! The wait is over. EA SPORTS FC, the successor to the long-running FIFA franchise, has officially launched, marking a new era in virtual football simulations. While the name might have changed, the beautiful game remains the same, offering immersive gameplay, intense competition, and a chance to lead your favorite team to glory.

This article dives deep into everything you need to know about EA SPORTS FC 24’s release, including the different ways to access the game, exciting features to explore, and a comparison to its predecessor, FIFA 23.

When Did EA SPORTS FC 24 Come Out?

September 29th, 2023 became the official launch date for EA SPORTS FC 24. Fans across the globe eagerly awaited this day, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the world of digital football.

However, there were ways to get into the action a little earlier.  For those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, Early Access was available starting September 22nd, 2023. Additionally, subscribers to EA Play, a subscription service often included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, could partake in a 10-hour trial starting on the same date.

So, regardless of when you joined the party, EA SPORTS FC 24 is now officially here!

Where Can I Play EA SPORTS FC 24?

The good news is that EA SPORTS FC 24 caters to a wide range of platforms, ensuring everyone can join the virtual pitch. Here’s a breakdown of where you can experience the action:

Consoles: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

PC: Windows (Origin, Steam, and Epic Games)

Nintendo Switch: A slightly different version is available for Nintendo Switch players.

This broad platform availability ensures that no matter your preferred gaming setup, you can lace up your virtual boots and take to the field.

What New Features Does EA SPORTS FC 24 Offer?

While core gameplay mechanics remain familiar to seasoned FIFA players, EA SPORTS FC 24 introduces some exciting new features to keep things fresh:

HyperMotion 2 Technology: This enhanced engine promises even more realistic player movement, animations, and in-game physics, aiming to make the virtual experience feel closer to the real beautiful game.

Enhanced Atmosphere: Improved crowd sounds, stadium details, and pre-match cinematics aim to create a more immersive and electrifying atmosphere during matches.

Customizable Tournaments: This new feature allows players to create their own custom tournaments, letting you set the rules, choose the teams, and design a unique competition experience.

Revamped Career Mode: The career mode has seen a refresh, offering deeper managerial experiences and a more engaging story arc for players who want to build a dynasty.

How Does EA SPORTS FC 24 Compare to FIFA 23?

It’s natural to wonder how EA SPORTS FC 24 stacks up against its predecessor. Here’s a quick comparison:


Core gameplay mechanics remain largely unchanged, ensuring a familiar experience for FIFA veterans.

Popular game modes like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Online Seasons carry over with some tweaks and enhancements.

Licensing for major leagues, teams, and players is still present, although some specifics might differ due to ongoing negotiations with leagues and federations.


The biggest change is the name and branding shift from FIFA to EA SPORTS FC.

There might be minor tweaks to menus, interfaces, and presentation elements to reflect the new branding.

The licensing situation for certain leagues, teams, and players might evolve over time as EA SPORTS FC establishes its own independent brand identity.

So, Should You Upgrade to EA SPORTS FC 24?

The decision ultimately depends on your individual preferences. Here are some factors to consider:


Release Date and Availability:

When did EA SPORTS FC 24 come out? The official release date was September 29th, 2023.

Could I play earlier? Yes, Early Access was available for pre-orders starting September 22nd, 2023. EA Play subscribers could also enjoy a 10-hour trial starting the same date.

What platforms is EA SPORTS FC 24 available on? The game is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (Origin, Steam, and Epic Games), and a slightly different version for Nintendo Switch.

New Features and Content:

What new features does EA SPORTS FC 24 offer? The game boasts HyperMotion 2 technology for more realistic player movement, an enhanced atmosphere for immersive matches, customizable tournaments to create unique experiences, and a revamped career mode for deeper managerial control.

Comparison to FIFA 23:

How is EA SPORTS FC 24 different from FIFA 23? The core gameplay remains similar, but there’s a branding shift, potentially minor interface changes, and evolving licensing deals.

Should I upgrade from FIFA 23? Consider your preference for new features, brand loyalty, and whether you’re a new or returning player.

Additional Resources:

Stay updated on the official EA SPORTS FC website:

Look for reviews and gameplay videos online to get a deeper feel for the game.

We hope this FAQ helps you navigate the exciting world of EA SPORTS FC 24!

Are you a die-hard FIFA fan? If you’re comfortable with the FIFA experience and don’t feel the need for significant changes, you might be content sticking with FIFA 23 for now.

Do the new features in EA SPORTS FC 24 excite you? If the prospect of HyperMotion 2 technology, a revamped career mode, and customizable tournaments pique your interest, then EA SPORTS FC 24 might be worth checking out.

Are you a first-time football game buyer? EA SPORTS FC 24 offers a solid entry point into the world of virtual football, with all the core gameplay elements and exciting new features.

Regardless of your choice, both FIFA 23 and EA SPORTS FC

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