Chelsea F.C. vs Aston Villa: Where to watch

Chelsea F.C. vs. Aston Villa instead of playing today, Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Contingent upon where you live, you may observe the match at these locations:


In the UK, ITV 1 and ITVX will both have live coverage of the game.

Other Nations:

International broadcasters of the match will be local TV owners of the rights. To locate the precise channel, conduct an internet search with terms like “Aston Villa vs. Chelsea airing rights

Extra Choices:

Chelsea F.C. vs Aston Villa Online and Application: Due to licensing issues, Chelsea’s live match day program with narration may not be accessible in all regions. However, it can be accessed on the club’s official website and application.

Relevant Data

Changes may occur with regard to streaming choices and broadcasting rights. 

Where can I watch Chelsea vs Aston Villa India

Sony Sports Network will air the FA Cup match between Chelsea and Aston Villa in India.

Where can I watch Chelsea FC in India

You have the following choices for watching the game in India:

Live coverage of the game will be accessible on the Sony Sports Network stations. A digital cable or satellite television connection with Sony Sports stations is required.

  • Webpage & application for Sony LIV: You may watch the game online on the smartphone app or internet if you possess a SonyLIV membership.
  • Depending on the rivalry, here are the places in India where one can catch Chelsea FC corresponds to:

First Division:

Star Sports Network: In the nation of India, Star Sports Network holds television licenses for the Premier League. 

Chelsea FC net worth

A football team’s net worth isn’t usually determined using the identical formula as that of an individual or business. Rather, business worth is frequently used to gauge the state of their finances.

What we know regarding Chelsea FC’s financial standing is as follows:

Forbes estimates that in May 2022, Chelsea’s total worth (equity + net debt) would be $3.1 billion (£2.5 billion).

Extra Economic Details:

  1. Income: Chelsea’s income for the season between 2021 and 2022 was projected to be $642 million (£481 million).
  2. Transfer of Responsibility: It’s significant to remember that a group headed by Us billionaire Todd Boehly purchased Chelsea FC in May 2022. Although the purchase amount was not made public, it was probably near the club’s business worth at the time.

Aston Villa net worth

The exact amount of Aston Villa’s net worth isn’t easily found. We can investigate the following to learn more about their economic situation:

Collaborative Worth:

  • Forbes: The May 2022 team assessments published by Forbes placed Aston Villa’s projected club value at $756 million (£610 million). This is an illustration of the enterprise value, which also includes net equity as well as debt (the club’s control).
  • Income: Aston Villa’s exact revenue information is not disclosed to others. For the 2021–2022 season, you can get projections from sites like Forbes, albeit the numbers may not be the most contemporary.

Owner’s Total Assets:

The group NSWE, mainly made up of Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris, is the owner of Aston Villa. The approximate amount of their total net wealth is £10 billion. Though it’s crucial to remember that this number isn’t identical to the team’s net worth, it does provide an indication of the club’s financial health.

Extra Sources:

Transfermarkt offers an economic value study of Aston Villa that takes into account factors like squad worth and trade record.

As a whole:

Although Aston Villa’s precise wealth is unknown, its financial situation seems to be improving.

Their team’s worth is growing and they have affluent management.

Which app can I watch Chelsea live match

For certain areas, broadcasts of Chelsea FC games are available via the authorized Chelsea FC app, Chelsea FC – The Fifth Stand; however, the accessibility of these streams is contingent upon having broadcasting rights in your area.

The following describes how the mobile application functions for live corresponds to:

Live broadcasting (with restrictions): The following describes how the mobile application functions for live corresponds to:

Live broadcasts (with restrictions): If the licenses aren’t owned by other stations in your area, the app might provide live broadcasts of select Chelsea games.

Streams that are live may be restricted by location, which means they are only accessible in specific nations or regions, as a result of the broadcasting rights.

Options: The mobile app provides additional features including live game remarks, match points of interest and inside video in case live broadcasts aren’t accessible in your geographical region.

Depending on where you live, you have the following additional alternatives for viewing Chelsea 

FC live aligns with:

  • Billed on a Broadcasting Assistance: In certain nations, networks may provide online coverage of Premier League games, especially sports involving Chelsea FC.
  • For India, a few instances are Disney+ Hotstar (based on the bundle) or Star Sports Network (India).
  • Subscription or Cable TV: Local Premier League games may be televised on stations owned by conventional broadband or satellite TV companies.

To figure out how you can catch Chelsea FC live, follow these steps:

  1. Examine the Authorized Resources: Check out the Chelsea FC apps and web page for details concerning upcoming games and broadcasting schedule. They may discuss any broadcasting choices made possible by their application’s interface.
  2. Look up the rights to airing: To figure out which stations or streaming platforms are granted the rights to provide coverage of the fixtures in your area, conduct an internet search using terms such as “Premier League TV Rights


Where can I figure out when Chelsea F.C. and Aston Villa play afterwards?

To find out about Chelsea Football Club‘s and Aston Villa’s future games, visit their respective websites or social networking accounts. As a last resort, you can look for the data online by typing in phrases like “Chelsea F.C. next game” or “Aston Villa upcoming appointment”.

Where might I have seen Chelsea F.C. vs. Aston Villa on February 7th?

Where you were would determine how to broadcast and download choices:

  • UK: ITV 1 and ITVX aired live coverage of the game.
  • USA: ESPN+ provided live streaming for the game.
  • India: Sony Sports Network and SonyLIV both carried live coverage of the game.

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