Unveiling the Secrets: A Guide to Lilith’s Altars in Diablo 4

Hidden throughout the war-torn world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4 lie 160 ominous statues, each depicting the enigmatic Lilith. These Altars of Lilith offer a unique and rewarding challenge for players, granting permanent stat boosts and unlocking powerful rewards upon discovery. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the secrets of these statues, providing a detailed map and strategies for finding them all.

The Significance of Lilith’s Altars

Lilith, the Mother of Sanctuary and the embodiment of chaos, holds a pivotal role in the narrative of Diablo 4. Her influence permeates the land, and these altars serve as conduits to her power. 

Interacting with each statue bestows a permanent buff to your account-wide character pool, making them a valuable pursuit for any adventurer seeking to maximize their strength.

Rewards for the Diligent Seeker

The journey to locate all 160 Altars is no small feat, but the rewards are substantial. Here’s what awaits those who complete the collection:

Stat Boosts: Each altar grants a permanent increase to one of four core attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Willpower. Collecting all 160 statues culminates in a significant +68 bonus to each stat, significantly bolstering your characters.

Paragon Points: A total of 4 Paragon Points are awarded upon full completion, further enhancing your character’s overall power through additional skill point allocation.

Increased Murmuring Obol Capacity: These mysterious tokens play a crucial role in acquiring unique cosmetic items and powerful Curiosities. Completing the altar collection expands your Murmuring Obol capacity to 100, allowing you to gather more of these valuable resources.

Navigating the Map: A Region-by-Region Breakdown

Diablo 4’s vast world is divided into five distinct regions, each harboring its share of Lilith’s Altars. This guide provides a breakdown of their locations within each area:

Fractured Peaks: This mountainous region serves as the starting point for your adventure. There are a total of 32 Altars scattered throughout, often nestled within hidden caves, atop 

treacherous peaks, or tucked away in forgotten ruins.

Scosglen: Lush forests and rolling hills characterize this region, with 33 Altars strategically placed amongst ancient structures, bandit camps, and mystical groves.

Dry Steppes: A desolate and unforgiving landscape, the Dry Steppes hold 33 Altars, many concealed within the parched canyons and windswept plains.

Kehjistan: This arid desert region, ravaged by sandstorms and monstrous denizens, houses 31 Altars, often found amidst crumbling ruins, bandit encampments, and hidden oases.

Hawezar: A treacherous swampland teeming with dangerous creatures, Hawezar presents the final challenge with 34 Altars scattered across its treacherous bogs, murky waterways, and ancient structures.

Strategies for Success: Tips and Tricks

While the thrill of discovery is part of the allure, here are some helpful pointers to optimize your search for Lilith’s Altars:

Utilize Online Resources: Interactive maps and detailed guides, like the one provided by D4Planner.io, pinpoint the exact locations of each altar, aiding in your exploration.

Prioritize Exploration: As you progress through the campaign and explore the world, keep an eye out for the telltale silhouette of Lilith. Many altars are found off the beaten path, rewarding those who venture beyond the main quests.

Conquer Strongholds: Certain altars are only accessible after clearing specific Strongholds, which are challenging mini-dungeons scattered throughout the world.

Embrace the World Tier System: Increasing the World Tier difficulty not only scales enemy difficulty but also increases the chance of encountering rare items and hidden locations, potentially revealing previously undiscovered altars.

Beyond the Rewards: Unveiling the Lore

The presence of these Altars hints at a deeper connection between Lilith and Sanctuary. Their widespread existence suggests a deliberate effort to influence the land and perhaps even sway the tide of the coming conflict. 

As you discover more altars, pay close attention to their surroundings and any environmental clues that might shed light on Lilith’s motives and the significance of her presence in this war-torn world.


What are Lilith’s Altars and why are they important?

These statues represent Lilith, the Mother of Sanctuary and a key figure in the Diablo universe. Interacting with each grants permanent stat boosts (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Willpower) to your entire character pool, making them highly valuable.

How many Lilith Statues are there and what’s the ultimate reward?

There are a total of 160 statues spread across the five regions of Sanctuary. Completing the collection grants:

+68 to each core attribute: Significantly boosting your characters’ overall power.

4 Paragon Points: Further enhancing your character with additional skill points.

Increased Murmuring Obol Capacity: Allowing you to gather more of these valuable resources for unique cosmetics and powerful Curiosities.

Where are the Lilith Statues located?

The statues are scattered throughout the five regions: Fractured Peaks (32), Scosglen (33), Dry Steppes (33), Kehjistan (31), and Hawezar (34). Online resources like D4Planner.io offer detailed maps with precise locations.

Are there any specific strategies for finding them?

Explore thoroughly: Many statues are hidden off the beaten path, so venture beyond main quests and explore caves, ruins, and other hidden areas.

Utilize online resources: Interactive maps and guides pinpoint exact locations, saving you time and effort.

Conquer Strongholds: Some altars require clearing specific mini-dungeons for access.

Increase World Tier: Higher difficulties raise enemy difficulty but also increase the chance of encountering rare locations, potentially revealing hidden altars.

Do I need to complete the campaign to find all statues?

No, you can discover most statues throughout your natural exploration. However, some might be tied to specific campaign progress or Stronghold completions.

Is there a specific order to interact with the statues?

No, the order doesn’t matter. Each interaction grants its permanent stat bonus regardless of the sequence.

Do the statues offer any lore insights?

Their widespread presence suggests Lilith’s influence on Sanctuary and might hold clues about her motives and role in the coming conflict. Pay attention to their surroundings for potential lore hints.

Can I track my progress in finding the statues?

There’s no in-game tracker, but online resources and guides often offer checklists or interactive maps to monitor your collection progress.

What happens if I miss a statue during my playthrough?

You can always return later to collect any missed ones. The world remains open for exploration even after completing the campaign.

Is finding all the statues the only benefit of exploring the world?

Absolutely not! Exploring the vast world of Sanctuary offers a wealth of additional rewards, including unique gear, side quests, hidden locations, and the thrill of discovery itself.

The hunt for Lilith’s Altars in Diablo 4 is a compelling and rewarding endeavor that enriches your gameplay experience. By meticulously combing through Sanctuary’s diverse regions, you’ll not only reap the benefits of permanent stat boosts and powerful rewards but also delve deeper into the lore surrounding the enigmatic Lilith and her role in shaping the fate of the world. 

So, prepare to embark on this epic quest, adventurer, and uncover the secrets held within each ominous statue.

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