DMZ Rig Upgrade: GPU Guide 

Ah, the elusive GPU. A vital component for upgrading your gear in DMZ, and almost as common as an inviting exfil in Al Mazrah. But fear not, fellow Operators! This direct will prepare you with the knowledge to maximise your chances of catching those valuable illustration cards.

High-Value Hotspots: Where the Plunder Sparkles Brightest

Building Bridges in Ashika: 

Suki Castle on Ashika Island holds the key (truly) to ensure GPUs. Three weapon lockers inside the castle gloat a tall chance of containing these tech treasures. But be cautioned, you’ll require the Suki Castle Key to get to them.

Von Macht Makes Right (GPUs): 

The modern Von Der Linde outline presents a guaranteed GPU bonanza! Two Arrange Sacks, one at the Fire Division (E2) and the College (C5), hold GPUs holding up to be claimed. In any case, you’ll require an Organize Pack Key to open these goodies.

Tech Treasures in Al Mazrah: 

Whereas Al Mazrah’s plunder is more arbitrary, a few areas offer a higher chance of GPU brings forth. Head to the office buildings in Al Mazrah City, particularly those with parcels of computers. 

The Chemical Capacity Distribution centre in Al-Safwa Quarry and the computer shacks in Haif Harbour are moreover worth checking. At last, the Zaya Observatory workplaces can be a covered up diamond for GPU hunting.

Beyond the Ensured: Common GPU Chasing Tips

Think Like a Techie: See for zones with parcels of computers. Workplaces, server rooms, and tech stores are your friends.

Key Contemplations: 

Whereas not continuously containing GPUs, bolted rooms and safes have a higher chance of holding important plunder, so consider utilising keys you discover amid your runs.

The All-Seeing Eye (of Supply Cases): 

Whereas not the most solid strategy, supply cases can once in a while house GPUs. Keep an eye out for them amid your exploration.

Alternative Courses to GPU Eminence: Creating and Adversary Intel

While ensured areas and hotspots are incredible, there’s continuously more to the DMZ hustle. Here are a few elective ways to catch those GPUs:

Crafting Your Way to the Top:

Believe it or not, you can create a GPU on Ashika Island! This strategy offers a dependable (in spite of the fact that resource-intensive) way to secure your tech needs. Here’s what you’ll need:

2 Gold Bars: 

These can be found in high-value plunder areas like Fortifications and covered up stashes.

Additional Asset (Shifts): 

The particular asset required nearby Gold Bars can alter. Keep an eye out for making necessities which might incorporate Electronic Components or Secured Information Drives.

Turning the Tables: Intel from Enemies:

High-Value Targets (HVTs) and foe Administrators can be a profitable source of intel, counting GPU areas. Here’s how to abuse this to your advantage:

Interrogate HVTs: 

After bringing down a High-Value Target, you have the alternative to examine them. This can uncover profitable intel on adjacent stashes containing GPUs or other high-tier loot.

Loot Adversary Bodies: 

Whereas not ensured, a few adversary Administrators, especially those watching high-security regions, might carry intel or indeed a GPU themselves.

Advanced GPU Securing Procedures: Tall Hazard, Tall Reward

For the really brave Administrators looking for to maximise their GPU pull, here are a few progressed (and possibly unsafe) strategies:

The Shopping Spree (Al Mazrah City): 

Al Mazrah City offers a one of a kind opportunity – buying GPUs! Head to the Purchase Station at the Air terminal (on the off chance that you oversee to survive the travel) and check the stock. 

GPUs are uncommon, but if you have the cash (and survive the exfil), this can be a speedy and effective way to catch one.

The Deft Approach (Supply Drops): 

Supply Drops pull in a part of consideration, but the rewards can be considerable. Whereas the plunder is irregular, GPUs can every so often be found among the high-tier treats. 

Fair be arranged for a battle, as other Administrators will likely be competing for the same prize.

The Contract Association (DMZ Contracts): 

Whereas not a ensured strategy, particular DMZ Contracts can offer a chance at finding GPUs. 

See for contracts that include securing high-value areas like Fortresses or coming to particular plunder caches. These areas frequently hold important tech hardware, counting GPUs.

In Summary:

Remember, Administrators, DMZ is an amusement of chance. These tips will increase your chances, but tirelessness and a sprint of luck are still required. So, get your equipment, hone your abilities, and get prepared to chase down those GPUs!


Are there any ensured areas for finding GPUs in DMZ?

A: Yes! There are a few areas with a tall chance of containing GPUs, but they require particular keys:

Von Der Linde: Two Arrange Sacks (Fire Division: E2 & College: C5) hold GPUs nearly continuously, but you’ll require an Organize Pack Key.

Ashika Island: Three weapon lockers in Suki Castle have a tall GPU produce rate, but require the Suki Castle Key.

Exterior ensured areas, where can I discover GPUs in DMZ?

A: See for ranges with parcels of computers:

Al Mazrah: Office buildings, Police Stations, Zaya Observatory workplaces, Chemical Capacity Distribution centre (Al-Safwa Quarry), computer shacks (Haif Port).

Ashika Island: Making (requires assets like Gold Bars & Electronic Components).

Are there any other ways to discover GPUs?

A: Yes! Here are a few elective methods:

Interrogate High-Value Targets (HVTs): They might uncover intel on GPU stashes.

Loot Foe Bodies: A few Administrators, particularly in high-security regions, might carry GPUs.

Supply Drops: Moo chance, but high-risk, high-reward option.

DMZ Contracts: Contracts including Fortresses or plunder caches can offer GPUs.

Buy Station (Al Mazrah City): Uncommon, but GPUs can be bought (in case you have the cash and survive).

Any last tips for finding GPUs?

A: Organise with other Administrators! Sharing intel and planning chases can increment your victory rate. Keep in mind, tirelessness and a bit of good fortune are key in DMZ!

I found a Stage Bag Key, but no Stage Bags! Can I find them anywhere specific?

A: There’s no guaranteed location, but Stage Bags can spawn in various high-value loot areas: Strongholds, locked rooms, hidden stashes, and even some Supply Drops (though rare).  Keep exploring and checking those locked doors, Operator!

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