Gabriel Bonfim: The MMA Up-and-Comer

Gabriel Bonfim in the UFC welterweight class, Gabriel Bonfim, also known as “Marretinha” (which translates to “Sledgehammer” in Portuguese), is a developing talent. 

A summary of his professional life is as follows:

  • Combat Design: Bonfim is renowned for his ability to submit, as evidenced by the majority of his victories (12 out of 15).
  • Excellent win-loss-draw score of 15-1-0.
  • Current Pattern: In November 2023, he did experience an unexpected setback that ended his winning run.


  • Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil is the fighter’s place of birth.
  • Date of birth: August 20, 1997; age: 26.
  • Works at Cerrado MMA as a gym.
  • Brother: It’s vital to note that his brother Ismael is a fighter in the UFC, joining him.

Gazing Forward:

  1. Bonfim is an up-and-coming fighter with plenty of potential. It will be interesting to watch how he responds to his most recent defeat in his next battle.
  2. With continued improvement in his hitting and takedown techniques, he may move up the welterweight division in generations to come.

Gabriel Bonfim vs Nicolas Dalby

Almeida vs. Lewis, this bout took place. Below is a summary of what those in the know thought will happen:

Gabriel Bonfim

  • Regarded as an extremely bright prospect who had a perfect career (15-0 at the time).
  • His remarkable takedown abilities were recognized by specialists (all victories before the match were defeats).
  • Given that he had only two UFC bouts to Dalby’s reputation of numerous battles, some queried his background.

Nicolas Dalby

  • Regarded as a resilient combatant with an abundance of expertise (22-4-1 records at the time).
  • Analysts emphasized his endurance, pointing out that all of his UFC bouts had lasted three rounds.
  • Some questioned if he could control Bonfim’s speed and capacity to submit.
  • Forecasts: Divergent views were expressed. A few pundits preferred Bonfim’s athleticism and aptitude to triumph.
  • Some were drawn to Dalby because of his background and resilience.

The result

  • In the subsequent round, Nicolas Dalby submitted Gabriel Bonfim via TKO (hits).
  • This ended Bonfim’s winning streak and demonstrated Dalby’s astuteness as an experienced player.

Trevin Giles on Gabriel Bonfim fight

  1. Giles Thinks Bonfim Will Run Out of Gas: Giles has stated in media before the battle that he believes he can outlast Bonfim. He thinks that Bonfim’s relentless boxing approach will cause him to tire out in later phases, which will give Giles the advantage.
  1. Giles Doesn’t Think Bonfim Has Sufficient Ability: Although Giles notes Bonfim’s perfect history (as of the period of talks), he minimizes Bonfim’s scientific skills. He thinks the deciding element will be his personal experience.
  1. Giles Rejects Contrast: It was stated that during a press conference, Bonfim asserted that he could deliver a sharper jab than Giles. Giles took offense at this, pointing out that he had honed his cutting talents over an extended period.

Additional Supplies:

  • Media Briefing for UFC 291: The presser where Giles talked about the match is probably available on the UFC website or YouTube channel.
  • Talks during Fight Week: When the fight date approaches, keep a watch out for talks with Giles. His opinions and forecasts may be covered by MMA blogs and platforms on YouTube.

It’s crucial to remember:

  • These are the pre fight forecasts made by Giles. The real conflict could go in another path.
  • Perhaps Bonfim has other plans to defy Giles’ assumptions.

Gabriel Bonfim Discusses Winning Alongside His Brother

Sadly, a conversation with Gabriel Bonfim talking explicitly about winning with his brother Ismael is not easily accessible. Nonetheless, the following information about the events may be gleaned from reports and conversations:

  • Common Goal: Gabriel and Ismael Bonfim have both mentioned how, thanks to their elder brother Odair, battling has always been a dream of theirs.
  • Families Assistance: The battling careers of the Bonfim brothers are greatly assisted by their family. Their achievement was greatly influenced by their parents and sisters.
  • Unique Travels: It’s crucial to keep in mind that even though they have a common enthusiasm, they are distinct combatants.

It’s well known that Gabriel can submit, but Ismael may have an alternate battling approach.

They can be ranked differently in the UFC or possess distinct fight records.

  • Talks: Look for talks with Ismael Bonfim or Gabriel. They may have talked about their siblings and their past arguments as brothers.
  • YouTube Movies: There may be videos, featuring fight replays and assessments, about the Bonfim brothers on MMA accounts on YouTube.

Fascinating Information

  • Dana White’s Challenger Tournament victories allowed both brothers to sign deals with the UFC.
  • In November 2023, they were supposed to square off on UFC Fighting Night: Almeida vs. Lewis, but sadly, only Ismael prevailed.
  • Within the UFC, the Bonfim brothers’ story of sibling rivalry and encouragement is distinctive. Watch how they develop and keep a lookout for their next bouts!

Gabriel Bonfim net worth

In light of the aforementioned considerations, Bonfim’s estimated net worth ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. Based on the norms of the industry and his present job status, this is a theoretical estimate.

Crucial Things to Keep in Mind:

It’s only an estimate. Actual figures may differ from those given.

His net worth may also be impacted by variables such as investment choices, fees, and leadership costs.

Resources to Keep Up with the Times:

As Bonfim’s profession develops, information regarding sponsorship agreements or pay increases may be mentioned in conversations or news stories. Pay attention to reliable MMA news sources.

What is Gabriel Bonfim’s fighting style known for?

As a grappling expert, Bonfim has won the majority of his fights by tapout (12 victories out of 15 as of March 24, 2024).

What is his current record?

He is quite skilled at wrestling and very dangerous when on the floor.

Did he suffer any recent setbacks?

As of March 24, 2024, his overall score is a stellar 15-1-0 (win-loss-draw).

Where does he currently rank in the welterweight division?

In November 2023, Bonfim did indeed suffer his first defeat as an athlete.

As of March 24, 2024, he is ranked #36 in the welterweight category by Tapology.

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