UD Las Palmas: Rising Stars of La Liga

UD Las Palmas, also known simply as Las Palmas, is a Spanish football club based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. The club currently competes in La Liga, the highest tier of the Spanish football league system. 

After a stint in the second division, Las Palmas secured their promotion back to La Liga in 2023, marking a significant return to the top flight.

This article delves into UD Las Palmas’ current standings in La Liga, exploring their performance, key players, and future prospects. We’ll also address some of the questions fans have been asking online about the club.

A Strong Mid-Table Position: Las Palmas Stand Tall

As of March 19, 2024, UD Las Palmas sits comfortably in 11th place in the La Liga standings. This position reflects a successful return to the top division, showcasing the team’s resilience and adaptability. Here’s a breakdown of their performance so far:

Matches Played: 29

Wins: 10

Draws: 7

Losses: 12

Points: 37

Goal Difference: -3

Las Palmas boasts a well-balanced record, securing crucial wins against established teams like Valencia and Villarreal. While they’ve faced some setbacks, their impressive victories and fighting spirit demonstrate their potential to climb even higher in the table.

Key Factors Behind Las Palmas’ Success

Several key factors have contributed to Las Palmas’ solid position in La Liga:

Strong Defense: Las Palmas boasts a defensively sound team, conceding only 32 goals in 29 games. Players like Mauricio Lemos and Enrique Clemente have formed a formidable partnership at the back, providing a solid foundation for the team.

Efficient Attack: Though not the highest scorers, Las Palmas utilizes their attacking opportunities effectively.  Rodríguez Concepciόn leads the goal-scoring charts with 6 goals, followed by Javier Munoz (4) and Munir El Haddadi (4). Their diverse attacking options prevent opponents from focusing on a single threat.

Tactical Flexibility: Manager Pepe Mel has instilled a flexible playing style in Las Palmas. They can adapt to different situations, switching between defensive solidity and attacking flair depending on the opposition.

Home Advantage: The Estadio de Gran Canaria provides a significant home advantage for Las Palmas. The passionate Las Palmas fans create a vibrant atmosphere, boosting the team’s morale and potentially unsettling their opponents.

Addressing Questions from Fans:

Here are some of the questions fans have been asking online about UD Las Palmas, along with some insights:

Can Las Palmas Qualify for Europe? 

It’s still early in the season, but Las Palmas’ current position puts them within reach of European qualification. Maintaining their form and capitalizing on opportunities against teams above them could see them secure a spot in a European competition like the Europa Conference League.

Who are Las Palmas’ Breakout Players?

This season has seen the rise of young talents like midfielder Alberto Moleiro and winger Jesé Rodríguez. Both players have displayed impressive skills and contributed significantly to the team’s success.

What are Las Palmas’ Transfer Plans?

 With the January transfer window closed, we can expect transfer news to pick up again closer to the summer window. Las Palmas might look to strengthen their squad in specific areas, depending on their performance and any potential departures.

Looking Ahead: Can Las Palmas Maintain their Momentum?

Las Palmas’ current position is a testament to their hard work, tactical prowess, and passionate support. However, several challenges lie ahead:

Maintaining Consistency:  The team needs to maintain their current level of performance to avoid slipping down the table. Consistency against both strong and weaker teams will be crucial.

Injury Management:  Injuries to key players can significantly impact Las Palmas’ performance. Maintaining a fit squad throughout the season will be essential.

Tough Matches Remain:  Las Palmas still has to face several top teams in the remaining La Liga fixtures. Their performance against these opponents will be a true test of their capabilities and aspirations.

Despite the challenges, Las Palmas’ positive start to the season has instilled optimism in fans and observers.  Their youthful talent, coupled with experienced leadership, suggests they have the potential to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in La Liga.

As the season progresses, Las Palmas’ journey will be an exciting one to follow, with the possibility of further growth and success on the horizon.


Where does UD Las Palmas currently stand in La Liga?

As of today, March 19, 2024, UD Las Palmas sits in 11th place in La Liga.

How many points do they have?

Las Palmas has 37 points after 29 games played.

Are they in a European qualification spot?

No, currently 11th place isn’t high enough for European qualification spots in La Liga. These spots are typically reserved for the top 6-7 teams.

How have they been performing this season?

Las Palmas has had a decent season so far, hovering around mid-table. They’ve managed 10 wins, 7 draws, and 12 losses.

Who are their key players?

Some of their top scorers this season include Rodríguez Concepción (6 goals), Javier Munoz (4 goals), Munir El Haddadi (4 goals), and Sandro Ramirez (3 goals).

What are their recent results?

Here are some recent matches:

Las Palmas vs. Valencia (10/02/24): A convincing 2-0 victory for Las Palmas.

Atletico Madrid vs. Las Palmas (17/02/24): A tough 5-0 defeat against Atletico Madrid.

Las Palmas vs. Osasuna (25/02/24): A hard-fought 1-1 draw.

Getafe vs. Las Palmas (02/03/24): A thrilling 3-3 draw.

Las Palmas vs. Athletic Bilbao (10/03/24): A 0-2 loss.

5. What upcoming fixtures should fans look forward to?

Barcelona (30/03/24): A daunting clash against the giants.

Sevilla (14/04/24): A chance to prove their mettle.

Celta Vigo (21/04/24): A mid-table battle.

Girona (28/04/24): A crucial match in their fight for points.

What are their upcoming matches?

You can find their upcoming fixtures on various sports websites or apps.

Is there a chance they could get relegated?

The relegation zone is typically around the bottom 3 teams in La Liga. With 17 points separating Las Palmas from 18th place (the relegation zone), they are unlikely to be relegated at this point.

What are some fan reactions to Las Palmas’ performance?

Fan reactions can be found on social media platforms or fan forums for UD Las Palmas. You can expect a mix of opinions, with some fans happy with the team’s mid-table position and others hoping for a push towards the top spots.


UD Las Palmas’ journey is a testament to their resilience and passion. As fans, we eagerly await each match, hoping for more victories and memorable moments. Whether they climb higher in the standings or face setbacks, one thing remains constant: the unwavering support of their devoted fans.

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