A Guide to Hogwarts Legacy Brooms

Taking flight in the Wizarding World has always been a dream, and Hogwarts Legacy brings that dream to life. But with so many broomsticks to choose from, how do you pick the perfect one for your aspiring young witch or wizard? 

This comprehensive guide explores all aspects of brooms in Hogwarts Legacy, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the skies in style.

The Importance of Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

Broomsticks are not just a convenient mode of transportation in Hogwarts Legacy; they’re an extension of your character.  They allow you to explore the vast open world, reach hidden locations, and participate in thrilling Quidditch matches (though brooms specifically for Quidditch aren’t obtainable yet).

Think of your broom as your first magical companion. It will be with you throughout your Hogwarts journey, so choose wisely!

Where to Find Your First Broom

You won’t have to wait long to experience the joy of flight. As part of the main story, you’ll receive your first broom lesson early in the game. This lesson takes place at the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch, where you’ll learn the basic controls and maneuvering techniques.

After successfully completing the flying class, head to Hogsmeade, the charming wizarding village. There, you’ll find Spintwitches Sporting Needs, run by the enthusiastic proprietor, Albie Weekes. This is the place to go for anything and everything broomstick-related!

Spintwitches Sporting Needs: Your Broom Emporium

Spintwitches Sporting Needs offers a variety of brooms to suit your preferences and budget. Here’s a breakdown of the brooms you can purchase from Albie:

Wind Wisp Broom (600 Galleons): This sleek and lightweight broom is perfect for beginners. It offers good maneuverability and is ideal for navigating tight spaces.

Ember Dash Broom (600 Galleons): This fiery broom boasts a stylish design with hints of glowing embers. It provides a balance between speed and handling.

Yew Weaver Broom (600 Galleons): Crafted from durable yew wood, this broom offers superior stability, making it ideal for those who prefer a smooth and controlled flight.

Moon Trimmer Broom (600 Galleons): This ashwood broom is known for its comfortable grip and responsive handling. A great choice for those who prioritize comfort during long journeys.

Hogwarts House Broom (600 Galleons): Show your house pride with these brooms themed after Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. They offer the same base stats as the other purchasable brooms.

Remember: All purchasable brooms at Spintwitches Sporting Needs cost 600 Galleons, so the choice comes down to aesthetics and personal preference.

Beyond Spintwitches: Unlocking Special Brooms

While Spintwitches offers a solid selection, there are even rarer brooms hidden throughout the world. These require exploration, puzzle-solving, and sometimes even completing side quests to obtain. Here are a few examples:

Night Dancer Broom: This elegant broom with a slightly bioluminescent glow can be unlocked by finding and popping all 32 Balloon Clusters scattered across the map.

Lickety Swift Broom: This broom, known for its impressive speed, can be acquired as a reward for completing specific tasks or challenges.

Wild Fire Broom: This fiery broom lives up to its name with a blazing red design.  Details on acquiring it are yet to be discovered by the gaming community.

Bright Spark Broom: This brightly colored broom is another mystery broom awaiting discovery by dedicated players.

Keep your eyes peeled during your Hogwarts Legacy adventure; these special brooms could be hidden anywhere!

Upgrading Your Ride: Broom Customization

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to personalize your broom to reflect your style. Here’s what you can customize:

Trail: Enhance your flight with a magical trail that follows behind your broom. These come in various colors and effects.

Grip:  Change the look and feel of your broom’s handle with different grip styles.

These customization options are purely aesthetic but allow you to add a touch of individuality to your trusty broomstick.

Broom Upgrades (Future Update): While not available yet,  data suggests future updates might introduce broom upgrades that enhance performance, such as increased speed or improved handling.

Taking to the Skies: Essential Broom Flight Tips

Here are some helpful pointers to elevate your broom flying experience:

Master the Basics:  The flying class teaches you the essential controls for acceleration, braking, turning, and altitude control. Practice these maneuvers to become comfortable in the air.

Explore the World:  The open world of Hogwarts Legacy is vast and filled with hidden secrets.


Broomsticks are a witch or wizard’s essential mode of transportation in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing you to explore the vast open world and reach new heights. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know to take flight:

When can I fly in Hogwarts Legacy?

You won’t be soaring through the skies right from the start. You’ll need to complete the “Flying Class” main story quest, which unlocks broom flight in the later stages of the game.

How do I get a broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are two main ways to acquire a broomstick:

Purchase: Head to Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade. They offer a variety of brooms for purchase, each with a unique design and (supposedly) no impact on flight performance.

Challenges: Explore the world to find hidden Balloon Clusters. Popping a specific number of these clusters unlocks brooms as rewards.

Where can I find all the brooms?

Spintwitches Sporting Needs:

Wind Wisp Broom (600 Galleons)

Ember Dash Broom (600 Galleons)

Hogwarts House Broom (600 Galleons) – Represents your chosen Hogwarts house

Moon Trimmer Broom (600 Galleons)

Yew Weaver Broom (600 Galleons)

Balloon Challenges:

Night Dancer Broom (Pop 2 Balloon Clusters)

Lickety Swift Broom (Pop 5 Balloon Clusters)

Wild Fire Broom (Pop 10 Balloon Clusters)

Bright Spark Broom (Pop 15 Balloon Clusters)

Are there any special brooms?

Some brooms hold a special place in Hogwarts lore:

Silver Arrow: This sleek broom is rumored to be the one Madam Hooch learned to fly on, and may be a favorite among Quidditch enthusiasts (though Quidditch isn’t confirmed in the game). You can find it for purchase at a vendor.

Tips for Flying Like a Pro:

Practice Makes Perfect: Take time to get comfortable with the broom’s controls. Landing gracefully takes finesse!

Explore Everywhere: Flying unlocks new areas and vantage points. Look out for valuables and hidden surprises.

Race Your Friends: Challenge fellow students to broom races for a bit of friendly competition.

Looking for more Hogwarts Legacy broom info?

IGN Brooms Guide: https://www.ign.com/videos/hogwarts-legacy-first-look-at-flying-broom-and-hippogriff-gameplay-4k

YouTube – All Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy: [There are many videos available, you can search for “Hogwarts Legacy All Brooms”]

So buckle up, grab your broom, and get ready to discover the magic that awaits in the skies above Hogwarts!

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