A Guide to Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3 in RDR 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 takes players on a sprawling Wild West adventure, filled with danger, opportunity, and of course, buried treasure. The Jack Hall Gang Treasure Maps are a series of clues leading to hidden riches scattered throughout the game world. 

This guide specifically focuses on Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3, helping you decipher its cryptic hints and claim your loot.

The Allure of Hidden Loot: Why Treasure Maps Matter

Treasure Maps in Red Dead Redemption 2 offer a rewarding side hustle for cowboys seeking to bolster their finances.  These maps, often found during missions or looted from enemies,  lead you on a mini-treasure hunt, testing your exploration skills and rewarding you with gold bars – a valuable commodity in the game.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3: Decoding the Clues

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3  is the third installment in a treasure hunting sequence.  Here’s a breakdown of the map and its clues:

Island on a Lake: The map depicts an island with a trio of mountains in the background. This signifies that the treasure is hidden on an island located within a lake.

Geographical Clues: While the map doesn’t explicitly mention the location, it does provide subtle geographical hints. The three mountains in the background resemble the peaks surrounding O’Creagh’s Run, a lake nestled in the Grizzlies East region of Ambarino.

Tip:  If you haven’t explored much of the map yet,  look for the region named Ambarino in the northeastern corner.  The Grizzlies East area is located within this region.

The Hunt Begins: Locating O’Creagh’s Run

With the map decoded, it’s time to embark on your treasure hunt! Here’s how to find O’Creagh’s Run:

Head North: Starting from any location convenient for you, travel north towards the Ambarino region.

Seek the Grizzlies East: Once you enter Ambarino, look for the Grizzlies East area on your mini-map.

Spot the Lake: Within the Grizzlies East, locate O’Creagh’s Run – a good-sized lake nestled amidst the snowy peaks.

Optional Starting Point:  If you’re looking for a good starting point for your search,  consider Emerald Ranch located in the Heartland region.  From there,  head directly north towards the mountains.

Island Hopping: Finding the Treasure

Once you’ve reached O’Creagh’s Run, it’s time to find the island depicted on the map:

Scan the Lake: Look for a small, rocky island in the center of the lake. This is your target destination.

Reach the Island: There are two ways to get to the island: you can either swim across (beware of the cold water!) or use your horse to find a shallow point and wade across.

Unearthing the Riches: Claiming Your Prize

Having reached the island, it’s time to locate the treasure:

Search the Island: The treasure is hidden on the island, but the map doesn’t provide a specific location. Keep an eye out for suspicious areas like rocky outcrops or areas with disturbed earth.

Eagle Eye is Your Friend: Activate your Eagle Eye ability (pressing down on the left stick on consoles) to highlight lootable objects and hidden stashes. This will help you pinpoint the exact location of the treasure.

Look for a Rock: The treasure is typically hidden under a rock on the island. Use Eagle Eye to scan the ground and locate a rock that appears slightly different from its surroundings.

Loot the Prize: Approach the rock and press the indicated button (usually the interact button) to uncover the treasure.

Congratulations, treasure hunter! You’ve successfully deciphered Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3 and claimed your reward.  In this case, the treasure is typically two gold bars, a valuable addition to your in-game finances.

Beyond Map 3: The Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunting Sequence

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3 is just one part of a larger treasure hunt.  There are a total of four maps in the series, each leading you to a hidden stash.  Once you complete Map 3,  keep an eye out for the next map in your inventory,  which will guide you to the next location.

Successfully completing the entire Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunting sequence will reward you with a significant amount of gold bars, making it a worthwhile endeavor for any aspiring gunslinger.


Struck by gold fever in Red Dead Redemption 2? The Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3 will lead you to a hidden stash, but deciphering its secrets can be tricky. This guide equips you with all the knowledge you need to unearth the loot!

What is Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3?

This is the final map in a treasure hunt series within Red Dead Redemption 2. Follow the clues to discover the hidden riches of the Jack Hall Gang.

Where does the treasure hunt begin?

You’ll need to find Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 1 first. It’s located in a cabin north of Bacchus Station. Once you have that map and complete the associated treasure hunt, you’ll receive Treasure Map 2, and so on.

Alright, I have Map 3. Where’s the treasure?

The map depicts a small island with three mountains in the background. This points to O’Creagh’s Run, a lake north of Emerald Ranch in the Grizzlies East region of Ambarino.

How can I locate the island’s treasure?

Head directly north from Emerald Ranch towards the mountains. You’ll find O’Creagh’s Run with a small island in the center.  Here’s what to do next:

Reach the Island: Swim or row a boat to the island.

Search the South-Eastern Shore: Look for a grass-covered area on the southeast side of the island.

Uncover the Rock: Interact with a specific rock on the grassy area to reveal the hidden compartment.

Claim Your Reward: Congratulations! You’ve found two Gold Bars, a valuable addition to your inventory.

Are there any video guides to help me out?

You can find several video walkthroughs on YouTube by searching for “Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3” or “Red Dead Redemption 2 – O’Creagh’s Run Treasure.”

What can I do with the Gold Bars?

Sell them to a Fence for a hefty sum. Shady traders who deal in stolen items are known as fences. You’ll find them in various locations throughout the game world.

Treasure hunting is exciting! Are there more like this?

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers several hidden treasures and collectibles to discover. Keep exploring the world, and you might stumble upon more riches!

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