Story Behind Ian Garry’s Wife’s Book, “How to Be a WAG”

In the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the drama often extends beyond the octagon.  Recently,  UFC  welterweight  contender  Ian  Garry  found  himself  embroiled  in  a  controversy  surrounding  his  wife,  Layla  Anna-Lee’s,  book  titled  “How to Be a WAG.”  

This  article  delves  deeper  into  the  story,  separating  fact  from  fiction  and  exploring  the  conversation  it  sparked  within  the  MMA  community.

From Ring Walks to Book Deals: The Backstory of “How to Be a WAG”

Layla  Anna-Lee  is  no  stranger  to  the  limelight.  Before  marrying  Ian  Garry,  she  worked  as  a  television  presenter  in  the  UK.  In  2012,  she  published  “How to Be a WAG,”  a  book  that  quickly  garnered  attention  for  its  focus  on  the  lives  of  wives  and  girlfriends  of  high-profile  athletes  (commonly  referred  to  as  WAGs).  

The  book  offered  advice  on  topics  like  diets,  makeup  routines,  and  handling  the  press,  all  tailored  towards  women  wanting  to  date  or  be  married  to  successful  athletes.

Controversy Erupts: Accusations and Heated Exchanges

Fast  forward  to  2023,  when  Ian  Garry  emerged  as  a  rising  star  in  the  UFC.  His  wife’s  book,  long  out  of  print,  resurfaced  online,  sparking  controversy.  Some  critics  perceived  the  book’s  content  as  superficial  and  materialistic,  suggesting  it  encouraged  women  to  date  athletes  for  fame  and  fortune  rather  than  genuine  connection.  

This  led  to  heated  exchanges  between  Garry  and  fellow  UFC  fighter  Sean  Strickland,  who  made  comments  implying  Layla  manipulated  Garry  into  marriage.  Garry  vehemently  defended  his  wife  and  even  threatened  legal action  against  Strickland.

Beyond the Clickbait: Understanding the Book’s Context

To  understand  the  controversy  better,  it’s  important  to  consider  the  context  in  which  “How to Be a WAG”  was  written.  Published  in  2012,  the  book  belonged  to  a  wave  of  similar  guides  aimed  at  women  interested  in  dating  celebrities  or  athletes.  While  some  find  the  content  outdated  and  shallow,  others  view  it  as  a  product  of  its  time,  reflecting  the  prevalent  cultural  obsession  with  celebrity  lifestyles  during  that  era.

More Than Just a WAG: Layla Anna-Lee Beyond the Book

It’s  also  important  to  acknowledge  Layla  Anna-Lee  as  an  individual  beyond  the  controversy  surrounding  her  book.  While  details  about  her  current  pursuits  are  scarce,  her  past  career  as  a  television  presenter  indicates  independence  and  ambition.

A Conversation Starter: Redefining Relationships and Female Agency

The  “How to Be a WAG”  controversy  has  sparked  a  wider  conversation  within  the  MMA  community  and  beyond.  It  raises  questions  about  the  roles  of  women  in  athletes’  lives  and  the  complexities  of  relationships  in  the  public eye.  Is  it  possible  to  have  a  fulfilling  relationship  with  a  high-profile  athlete  while  maintaining  your  own  identity  and  aspirations?

The Final Round: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

The  “Ian  Garry  wife  book”  controversy  serves  as  a  teachable  moment  for  the  MMA  community  and  beyond.  Here are some key takeaways:

The Importance of Context:  Judging  a  book  (literally  and  figuratively)  by  its  cover  can  be  misleading.  Understanding  the  context  in  which  something  was  created  provides  a  more  nuanced  perspective.

Respectful Discourse:  Social  media  can  be  a  breeding  ground  for  toxicity.  Engaging  in  respectful  discourse,  even  when  disagreeing,  is  crucial  for  constructive  conversations.

Moving Beyond Stereotypes:  The  controversy  highlights  the  need  to  move  beyond  stereotypes  about  women  in  athletes’  lives.  Women  can  be  supportive  partners  while  maintaining  their  own  ambitions  and  identities.

Focusing on the Fight Game:  Ultimately,  the  focus  should  be  on  the  athletes  themselves  and  their  performances  inside  the  octagon.

Ian  Garry  has  since  put  the  controversy  behind  him  and  remains  focused  on  his  fighting  career.  Layla  Anna-Lee  chooses  to  keep  a  lower  profile.  The  incident  serves  as  a  reminder  that  athletes’  personal  lives  are  just  one  aspect  of  the  sport. 

 The  true  stories  unfold  between  the  ropes,  where  dedication,  skill,  and  passion  collide  to  create  moments  of  pure  athletic  excellence.  The  next  time  Ian  Garry  walks  to  the  octagon,  the  focus  should  be  on  his  fight,  not  the  controversy  surrounding  his  wife’s  book.


The recent controversy surrounding UFC fighter Ian Garry and his wife Layla Anna-Lee’s book, “How to Be a WAG,” has sparked a lot of online discussion. Here are some FAQs to shed light on the situation and address what people are searching for:

What is “How to Be a WAG” about?

Published in 2012, “How to Be a WAG” falls under the category of self-help guides aimed at women interested in dating or marrying athletes. The book reportedly offers advice on topics like maintaining a certain physical appearance, handling media attention, and navigating the lifestyle of a celebrity spouse.

Why is the book controversial?

Critics view the book’s content as materialistic and superficial, suggesting it encourages women to pursue athletes for fame and fortune rather than genuine connection.

Is Layla manipulating Ian Garry?

This is a serious accusation that emerged during the online controversy.  Some comments, particularly from fellow UFC fighter Sean Strickland, implied Layla used the book’s tactics to “trap” Garry.  However, both Garry and Layla have vehemently denied these claims.

What was Layla Anna-Lee doing before marrying Ian Garry?

Layla worked as a television presenter in the UK before marrying Garry. This suggests she had an established career and ambitions outside of being an athlete’s wife.

Is the book relevant today?

The book was published in 2012, and the cultural landscape has shifted since then.  The focus on celebrity lifestyles might seem outdated to some  readers today.

What did Ian Garry say about the controversy?

Garry defended his wife and threatened legal action against those making accusations. He seems focused on putting the issue behind him and continuing his fighting career.

Is Layla Anna-Lee in the spotlight now?

Layla has chosen to maintain a lower profile following the controversy.

What can we learn from this situation?

Context is key: Judging a book (literally and figuratively) by its cover can be misleading. Understanding the era in which the book was written provides a more nuanced perspective.

Respectful communication: Social media can be a breeding ground for negativity. Engaging in respectful dialogue, even when disagreeing, is crucial.

Moving beyond stereotypes: This controversy highlights the need to move beyond stereotypes about women in athletes’ lives. Women can be supportive partners while maintaining their own identities and goals.

Focus on the fight: Ultimately, the focus should be on the athletes themselves and their performances inside the octagon.

The Final Takeaway:

This situation serves as a reminder that athletes’ personal lives are just one aspect of the sport. The true stories unfold in the octagon, where dedication, skill, and passion create moments of pure athletic competition. The next time Ian Garry steps into the ring, the focus should be on his fight, not the controversy surrounding his wife’s book.

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