MCoC 2023 Tier List: Reevaluating the Challenge

The year 2023 was a wild ride for Wonder Challenge of Champions (MCoC). Modern champions like Maestro and Kushala shook up the meta, whereas veterans like Specialist Fate proceeded to rule preeminent. But with so numerous choices, who were the genuine champions of the Challenge? Let’s dive into the 2023 MCoC tier list and see which heroes stood out!

The Overwhelming Divinities: S-Tier Superstars

The S-Tier housed the extreme powerhouses, champions who exceeded expectations in an assortment of substances. Here, we found champions like:

Doctor Fate: 

The undisputed lord of 2023. Doom’s control deplete, susceptibilities, and harm yield made him a threat in each diversion mode.


The extreme utility winner. Rintrah’s capacity to invalidate buffs, recuperate, and give uncertain control pick up made him a game-changer for troublesome content.


The Ruler of Fear brought the torment in 2023. With tall harm potential and the capacity to shrug off debuffs, Diablo overwhelmed assault and Union War.

These champions, along with others like Tigra and Claire Voyant (Draw back), were the go-to alternatives for high-level players looking for crest performance.

A Association of Their Claim: The A-Tier All-Stars

The A-Tier housed a differing bunch of champions who exceeded expectations in particular ranges. This level included:


The ace of Limbo proceeded to be a strong aggressor, particularly against Spiritualist opponents.


A powerhouse with unimaginable harm potential, Dragonman flourished in long fights.


The luck-manipulating mutant advertised a special playstyle and noteworthy harm output.

This level was full of flexible champions who might exceed expectations in different circumstances, making them important increments to any roster.

Beyond the Beat Tiers: Making the Most of Your Roster

Tier records are a supportive instrument, but it’s imperative to keep in mind they aren’t the last word. Here are a few things to consider past the rankings:


Certain champions have unimaginable synergies with others, making them more effective when utilised together.

Champion Accessibility: 

Not everybody has got to the highest-ranked champions. Centre on maximising the potential of the champions you have.

Playstyle Inclination: 

A few champions require complex turns, whereas others are more clear. Select champions you appreciate playing!

The Underrated Diamonds: B-Tier Bargains

The B-Tier housed a few champions who, whereas not top-tier divine beings, still pressed a punch. These champions were often:


Less demanding to procure through precious stones or Collusion rewards.


Exceeded expectations in particular substances like Union War defence or Act substance exploration.

Solid Entertainers: 

Seems to hold their position in most circumstances with the right strategy.

Here, we found champions like:

Absorbing Man: 

A phenomenal counter to champions dependent on buffs, particularly in Organization together War.

Ebony Throat: 

His control and invalidation made him an incredible alternative for particular matchups.

Ghost Rider: 

Whereas a bit complex to play, Apparition Rider’s harm potential was undeniable.

These champions advertised fabulous esteem for their availability and may be game-changers in the right hands.

The Consigned Positions: C and D-Tiers

The C and D-Tiers housed champions who for the most part battled in the current meta. Be that as it may, indeed here, there were a few exceptions:

Niche Champions: 

A few champions, like Specialist Bizarre, might not be best contenders but may still be valuable for particular counters or specialty situations.

Fan Favourites: 

Fair since a winner isn’t top-tier doesn’t cruel, they can’t be fun to play. If you adore a character, contribute to them and make them work!

The Advancing Field: Looking Ahead to 2024

The world of MCoC is continually changing. Unused champions are discharged, the meta advances, and techniques adjust. Here’s a see into what we might see in the 2024 level list:

The Rise of Counters: 

With the presentation of capable champions like Maestro and Kushala, anticipate to see more champions particularly outlined to counter them.

Tech Takeover? 

The Tech lesson has seen a resurgence in later upgrades. Keep an eye on future Tech discharges that seem to shake up the rankings.

Synergy Matchless quality: 

Champions with solid synergies might end up indeed more important as players look to maximise their teams’ potential.

Staying educated almost up and coming champions and substance overhauls will offer assistance you plan for the ever-changing scene of the Contest.

Beyond Tier Lists: Resources for MCoC Domination

Here are a few resources to offer assistance you exceed expectations in MCoC, past fair tier lists:

Community Substance Makers: 

Numerous YouTubers and streamers make instructive guides, winner spotlights, and level list discussions.

Alliance Talk: 

Talking about techniques and winner utilisation with your Collusion mates is an incredible way to learn and grow.

In-Game Assets: 

The diversion itself offers guides, instructional exercises, and data almost champions and abilities.

In Summary:

Tier records are direct, not gospel. Understanding a champion’s qualities and shortcomings, along with your claim playstyle, will offer assistance to construct a program that rules the Contest.


What is a tier list?

A: A tier list is a positioning framework that categorises champions based on their by and large viability in the diversion. S-Tier is ordinarily the most elevated rank, whereas D-Tier is the lowest.

Are tier lists continuously accurate?

A: Tier lists are a supportive direct, but they shouldn’t be the only figure considered. Here’s why:

Playstyle inclination: A few champions require complex methodologies, whereas others are less complex. Select champions you appreciate using!

Synergy: Certain champions have unimaginable synergies with others, making them more effective when utilised together.

Champion Accessibility: Not everybody has got to the highest-ranked champions. Centre on maximising the potential of the champions you have.

Where can I discover a great MCoC tier list?

A: A few assets offer MCoC tier lists. Here are a few options:

Lagacy’s Final Tier List 2023! video ([YouTube video on Mcoc Tier List 2023])

Vega’s Best 2023 Winner to Rank Tier List ([YouTube video on Mcoc Best Champions 2023])

What are some underrated champions (B-Tier)?

A: B-Tier champions are often accessible, excel in specific areas, and can be solid performers with the right strategy. Some examples include:

Absorbing Man (Buff counter)

Ebony Maw (Power control and nullification)

Ghost Rider (High damage potential)

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