Suit Up in Style: A Guide to Minecraft Armor Trims

Minecraft offers a vast array of customization options, allowing you to personalize your character and their gear. One exciting way to add a unique flair to your armor is with armor trims. Introduced in update 1.20, these trims let you express your style and add a touch of personality to your favorite armor set.

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of Minecraft armor trims, exploring everything you need to know:

What are Armor Trims?

Armor trims are purely cosmetic additions that can be applied to your existing armor pieces. They don’t offer any defensive or offensive enhancements; their purpose is purely aesthetic. Each trim features a unique design inspired by various biomes, structures, or mobs found in the Minecraft world.

For instance, the “Silence” trim, inspired by the Ancient Cities, features an ominous, rune-like pattern.  The “Coast” trim, found in shipwrecks, has an anchor motif, reflecting its nautical origins.

Donning the Perfect Trim: How to Find and Apply Trims

Finding armor trims requires exploration and a bit of luck. Here’s what you need to know:

Smithing Templates:  Trims come in the form of Smithing Templates, which you’ll need to find in various locations throughout the world. These templates can be hidden in chests, dropped by specific mobs, or even found as loot in suspicious gravel blocks.

Matching Trims to Armor:  Each Smithing Template corresponds to a specific armor type (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots). You can only apply a trim template to its corresponding armor piece.

Applying the Trim:  Once you have a Smithing Template and a piece of armor, head to a smithing table.  Here, you’ll see an interface where you can place both the armor and the template. A preview of the trimmed armor will appear. If you like it, confirm the application, and your armor will be adorned with the chosen trim!

A World of Trims to Discover

There are currently 18 unique armor trims available in Minecraft (as of update 1.20). Each trim is tied to a specific location or mob, adding a sense of discovery and accomplishment to collecting them all. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most notable trims:

Ancient City Trims:  Delve into the depths and uncover the “Silence” and “Ward” trims, reflecting the mysterious and ominous vibes of the Ancient Cities.

Nether Trims:  The fiery depths of the Nether hold the “Rib” trim, found in Nether Fortresses, and the fiery “Host” trim, dropped by Elder Guardians.

End Trims:  Reach the celestial heights of the End Cities to claim the “Spire” trim, a majestic design that reflects the End’s alien beauty.

Bastion Remnant Trims:  These bastions hold the imposing “Snout” trim, inspired by the Piglin brutes that inhabit these structures.

Woodland Mansion Trims:  Beware the lurking Illagers as you seek the “Vex” trim, a fittingly mischievous design found within these ominous structures.

World Exploration Trims:  Set sail and explore shipwrecks to find the “Coast” trim, or venture into the jungle temples to unearth the wild and vibrant “Wild” trim.

These are just a few examples. There are many more trims to discover, each adding a unique touch to your armor.

Beyond the Basics: Tips and Tricks for Trimming Your Armor

Here are some additional pointers to enhance your armor trimming experience:

Planning Your Look:  With 18 trims and various armor types, the customization possibilities are vast! Plan your ideal aesthetic – will you go for a unified theme across your armor, or mix and match trims for a more eclectic look?

Utilizing Dyes:  Minecraft offers a wide range of dyes. While armor trims have their own unique designs, you can further personalize them by applying dyes. Try with several color combinations to get a really distinctive appearance.

Showcasing Your Style:  Don’t be afraid to flaunt your amazing trimmed armor! Share your creations with friends, explore servers with unique armor trimming trends, or participate in online build contests to showcase your personalized gear.

Armor trims are a fantastic addition to Minecraft, offering a fun and creative way to express yourself in the game. So, gear up, explore the world, hunt for Smithing Templates, and craft your dream armor with a touch of personalized flair!


So, what exactly are Minecraft armor trims?

Think of them as bling for your armor! Armor trims are purely cosmetic additions that allow you to customize the look of your precious diamond or netherite armor. Each trim boasts a unique design inspired by the location or structure where you find it.

How do I get these snazzy trims?

You won’t find them lying around like carrots in a garden. Every armor trim has a designated spot in the body. Here’s the breakdown:

Pillager Outpost: Slay those pillagers and loot their chests for the Sentry Armor Trim.

Desert Pyramid: Brave the scorching sands and dusty tombs to find the Dune Armor Trim.

Shipwreck: Explore the watery depths of shipwrecks; the Coast Armor Trim awaits.

Jungle Temple: Venture into the heart of the jungle and conquer its temple to claim the Wild Armor Trim.

Ocean Monument: Defeat the guardians guarding the Ocean Monument and claim the Tide Armor Trim.

And that’s it? Just those few locations?

Nope! There are a total of 16 armor trims to collect, each with its own unique place of origin. Some require delving deep underground into the spooky Ancient City (Ward Armor Trim) or battling your way through a Nether Fortress (Rib Armor Trim).

Do these trims offer any special protection?

Unfortunately, no. They’re purely aesthetic. But hey, looking good while fighting creepers is half the battle, right?

How do I actually apply these trims to my armor?

Here’s where the fun crafting comes in! You’ll need a Smithing Template, which can be crafted using a smithing table and specific resources depending on the trim type. Once you have the template and your desired armor piece, simply combine them in the smithing table to add the trim.

Looking for a visual guide to all the trims?

Absolutely!  Several resources online showcase all the trims:

IGN Minecraft Wiki:

YouTube Video: Search for “Minecraft: All Armor Trims Showcase” for a visual reference.

Is there anything else I should know about armor trims?

You can actually dye your armor trims with various dyes to further personalize your look! Experiment and create truly unique armor sets that reflect your style.

Remember: With 16 trims to collect and countless dye combinations, the possibilities for stylish armor customization in Minecraft are endless! Happy trimming, adventurer!

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