Newcastle United vs Aston Villa: Stats Breakdown 

Newcastle United and Aston Villa bolt horns, with both groups pointing to set their positions in the Premier League table. But before kickoff, let’s dig into the stats that paint a picture of what to anticipate on the pitch.

Head-to-Head History: A Tight Affair

The contention between these two sides is shockingly close. Aston Villa has been victorious in 12 of their 52 gatherings, whereas Newcastle United edges them out with 22 wins. 

Draws have to be visited, happening in 18 matches. Newcastle has delighted in more victories in later times, winning 3 out of the final 5 encounters.

Firepower and Defense: Differentiating Styles

Newcastle brags the league’s stingiest defence, conceding the least objectives this season. In any case, their assault hasn’t been as productive. 

Alternately, Aston Estate packs a punch forthright, scoring a better than average number of objectives. But their protective frailties have frequently dominated their assaulting prowess.

Looking at the Numbers: Who Holds the Edge?

Here’s a closer see at a few key stats that might impact the outcome:


Newcastle tends to rule ownership (53.6% on normal), smothering their opponents’ attacks.

Passing Exactness: 

Both groups brag noteworthy passing precision, surpassing 88% on average.

Clear-Cut Chances: 

Whereas Newcastle makes less chances, they are regularly more clinical in changing over them.

Set Pieces: 

Aston Estate might posture a risk with their corners, considering Newcastle’s powerlessness in ethereal duels.

Recent Shape: Force in the Magpies’ Favour

While head-to-head history paints a near picture, Newcastle’s later shape includes another layer to the examination. 

They’ve been on a tear of late, climbing the table with a few impressive triumphs. Aston Villa, on the other hand, has appeared inconsistency, dropping focus in vital matches. This current shape suggests Newcastle might have the upper hand.

Individual Stars to Watch:

Allan Saint-Maximin (Newcastle): 

The tricky winger is a constant risk with his pace and dribbling skills. 

He can open Aston Villa’s defence and make scoring opportunities.

Danny Ings (Aston Villa): 

The experienced striker is in great goalscoring form and will be looking to exploit any weaknesses in Newcastle’s backline.

The X-Factor: Wounds and Suspensions

Injuries and suspensions can essentially affect a team’s execution. Keeping an eye on the accessibility of key players for both sides can give profitable bits of knowledge into the outcome.

Prediction with a Imply of Caution:

Based on the stats and current frame, Newcastle appears to have a slight edge. In any case, football is an amusement of shocks, and Aston Villa’s attacking ability shouldn’t be totally marked down. 

A contract win for Newcastle or a exciting draw wouldn’t be startling in this profoundly expected clash.

Tactical Subtleties: Fight of the Managers

Eddie Howe, Newcastle’s director, has ingrained a down to earth and protectively sound approach. 

He prioritises keeping a clean sheet and at that point depends on counter-attacks or personal brilliance to grab victories.

In contrast, Steven Gerrard, Aston Villa’s director, inclines toward a more assaulting fashion. He empowers his group to press tall and overwhelm ownership. 

This strategic clash between a protective juggernaut and an assaulting drive will be charming to watch.

Fan Figure: St. James’ Stop Roaring

This coordinate takes place at St. James’ Stop, Newcastle’s domestic ground. The energetic Geordie are known for their unflinching back, making a hostile atmosphere for going to groups. This domestic advantage may be a vital figure for Newcastle, possibly pushing them over the line.

Stat Assault: Who Scores First?

A curious stat to consider: both Newcastle and Aston Villa tend to battle to score the first goal. This suggests the opening stages might be cagey, with both groups prioritising not conceding. The group that breaks the deadlock first may hold a significant advantage.

Conclusion: A Coordinate With Layers

By diving into the stats, later frame, and strategic approaches, we can paint a clearer picture of what to anticipate in this Newcastle vs. Aston Villa clash. 

It guarantees to be a coordinate with different layers, from a cautious fight to personal brilliance, all played out in an energetic air. So, get a few popcorn, settle in, and appreciate the unusual world of football!

In Summary:

Based on chronicled information and current frame, this coordinate guarantees to be a tight challenge. Newcastle’s protective robustness might be the choosing figure, but Aston Villa’s assaulting potential shouldn’t be underestimated. Anticipate a cagey affair with a single goal potentially separating the two sides.


Who has the way better head-to-head record?

A: Newcastle United edges out Aston Villa with 22 wins to their 12 in their 52 gatherings. Draws are too common, occurring in 18 matches. However, Newcastle has delighted in more victories recently, winning 3 out of the last 5 encounters.

Are Newcastle or Aston Villa more attacking?

A: This is a difference. Newcastle boasts the Premier League’s best defence but has a less productive attack. Aston Estate scores more objectives but battles defensively.

What are some key stats to consider?

A: Here are a few:

Possession: Newcastle tends to rule ownership, smothering opponents.

Passing Exactness: Both groups are exact passers.

Clear-Cut Chances: Newcastle creates less chances but changes over them efficiently.

Set Pieces: Observe Aston Villa’s risk from corners as Newcastle can be helpless in the air.

Who is favoured to win?

A: Based on stats and shape, Newcastle has a slight edge. In any case, Aston Villa’s assaulting potential can’t be disregarded. Anticipate a near match.

Who are a few key players to watch?

A: Allan Saint-Maximin (Newcastle) with his pace and spilling, and Danny Ings (Aston Villa) for his goal scoring form.

What’s the X-Factor?

A: Wounds and suspensions can essentially affect the diversion. Keep an eye on player availability.

How important is recent form compared to head-to-head record?

A: While head-to-head history provides context, recent form often holds more weight. Newcastle’s current winning streak suggests they might be more in rhythm compared to Aston Villa’s recent inconsistencies.

Does home advantage play a role?

A: Absolutely! This match is at St. James’ Park, known for its passionate Newcastle fans. This home support can be a significant psychological boost for the Magpies and potentially unsettle Aston Villa.

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