Ride On: A Journey Through Shoegaze and Beyond

“Ride On” – a simple phrase that evokes a sense of movement, perseverance, and maybe even a touch of rebellion.  But for music fans, particularly those drawn to the ethereal sounds of the late 80s and early 90s, “Ride On” takes on a deeper meaning. It becomes a call to arms, a reminder of a captivating shoegaze band that carved its own path in the alternative rock scene.

This article delves into the world of Ride, exploring their musical journey, the impact of shoegaze on their sound, and the enduring legacy they continue to leave on music.

From Shoegaze Pioneers to Genre-Bending Innovators: A Ride Through Ride’s Music

Ride formed in Oxford, England in 1988. The band consisted of Andy Bell (vocals, guitar), Mark Gardener (guitar),(Whammy Jamie) (bass), and Loz Colbert (drums).  Emerging amidst the shoegaze movement, Ride quickly became one of its defining acts.

Shoegaze: A Sonic Landscape

Shoegaze, also known as noise pop, was a subgenre of alternative rock characterized by heavily distorted guitars, layered vocals often buried in the mix, and a focus on sonic textures and atmosphere.  Bands like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive were early pioneers, and Ride quickly embraced this sound.

Beyond the Wall of Sound: Ride’s Evolution

However, Ride wasn’t content simply replicating the shoegaze formula.  Their music displayed a depth and complexity that transcended the genre.  Tracks like “Nowhere” and “Close Your Eyes” hinted at psychedelic influences, while “Going Blank Again” incorporated a driving rock energy.  

Ride’s willingness to experiment is evident throughout their discography, showcasing their growth as musicians and their desire to push boundaries.

Live Shows: A Sonic and Visual Spectacle

Ride’s captivating sound translated beautifully to the live stage.  Their concerts were known for their intensity, with the band often shrouded in smoke and bathed in swirling psychedelic light shows.  

The audience wasn’t just listening to Ride; they were experiencing it, becoming enveloped in the sonic and visual spectacle they created.

A Short But Impactful Career

Ride’s career was relatively short-lived.  They disbanded in 1996 amidst internal tensions and creative differences. However, their impact was undeniable.  They influenced countless musicians across various genres, inspiring a renewed interest in shoegaze and alternative rock.

Ride On: A Legacy of Enduring Influence

Despite their relatively brief time in the spotlight, Ride’s legacy continues to resonate.  Their music has been featured in numerous films and video games, and they’ve enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with younger generations.

Reunions and Reissues

The band reunited for a series of live shows in 2014 and 2015, much to the delight of their dedicated fanbase.  This reignited interest led to remastered reissues of their albums, making their music readily available to a new audience.

A New Generation of Shoegaze Enthusiasts

Ride’s music continues to inspire contemporary musicians.  Bands like DIIV, Beach Fossils, and Whirr draw heavily on the shoegaze sound pioneered by Ride and their contemporaries.  This constant influence showcases the timelessness of Ride’s music and its ability to connect with listeners across generations.

Beyond the Music: The Allure of Ride’s Aesthetic

Ride’s visual aesthetic also played a significant role in their appeal.  Their album covers, often featuring stark black and white photography,  perfectly complemented the introspective mood of their music.

The Power of Silence:

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ride’s image was their perceived aloofness.  They rarely gave interviews and maintained a certain mystique.  This silence, however, allowed their music to speak for itself.  It fueled the intrigue and added to the overall aura surrounding the band.

Ride On: A Call to Keep Exploring

“Ride On” isn’t just a descriptor of Ride’s music; it’s a call to action.  It encourages listeners to keep exploring music, to lose themselves in the soundscapes created by passionate artists.  


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