A Guide to the Sons of the Forest Compound Bow

In the unforgiving wilderness of Sons of the Forest, survival hinges on resourcefulness and cunning. The Compound Bow stands as a testament to both, offering a silent and powerful ranged weapon for hunting, defense, and tactical takedowns.

 This guide delves deep into the intricacies of the Compound Bow, equipping you with the knowledge to become a master archer in Sons of the Forest.

Acquiring the Coveted Weapon: The Hunt for the Compound Bow

The Compound Bow isn’t readily available in the world.  Here’s the key to obtaining it:

Uncover the Hidden Bunker:  Head southwest on the map, following the green pulsating circle on your GPS to reach Maintenance Site B. This location is marked by broken-down golf carts, surveying equipment, and often, a cannibal camp.

Unearth the Secret Entrance:  Equip your shovel, a crucial tool you’ll need to find earlier in the game.  Locate the patch of disturbed dirt with a faint shovel icon near the surveying equipment.  Dig here to reveal a hidden hatch.

Descend into the Depths:  Open the hatch and bravely descend the ladder into the underground complex.

Navigate the Tunnels:  Follow the corridors, taking caution of potential dangers that may lurk within the darkness.

Claim Your Prize:  Head towards the back bedroom area, where you’ll find a bathroom.  Resting on the floor next to a slumped figure lies the Compound Bow – your long-awaited reward.

Remember: This area may be occupied by cannibals.  Approach with caution and come prepared to defend yourself.

Mastering the Craft: Using the Compound Bow Effectively

Now that you possess the Compound Bow, it’s time to learn its nuances:

Crafting Arrows: The Compound Bow utilizes craftable arrows. Gather feathers, stones, and sticks to craft basic arrows.  Later in the game, you’ll unlock the ability to 3D print arrows and acquire Carbon Fiber Arrows, offering superior durability and damage.

Silent Takedowns: The beauty of the Compound Bow lies in its stealth. Unlike firearms, it offers silent operation, making it ideal for taking down enemies undetected. Aim for the head for an instant kill.

Hunting Prowess: Utilize the Compound Bow for hunting various wildlife. Aim for vital organs like the head or lungs for a clean and efficient kill. This ensures you gather maximum resources from your prey.

Tactical Advantages:  In combat scenarios, use the Compound Bow to thin enemy numbers from afar before engaging in close-quarters combat. It’s particularly effective against weaker enemies.

Tips for Mastering Archery:

Practice Makes Perfect:  Find a safe location and practice your aim. The Compound Bow requires precision, so invest time in honing your accuracy.

Lead Your Targets:  Remember to account for projectile drop and enemy movement when aiming.  Lead your target slightly to ensure a successful hit.

Environmental Awareness:  Use the environment to your advantage. Lure enemies into chokepoints or utilize foliage for cover while taking down foes with the bow.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Techniques for the Compound Bow

For those seeking to elevate their archery skills, here are some advanced techniques:

Hip Firing:  In close-quarter situations, you can unleash a quick shot from the hip. While less accurate than aiming down sights, it can be a lifesaver in a pinch.

Perfect Draw:  As you draw the bowstring, a small white circle appears on the reticle.  Releasing the arrow when this circle is at its smallest point ensures maximum accuracy and damage.

Critical Hits:  Mastering the perfect draw technique grants a higher chance of landing critical hits, dealing devastating damage to enemies.

The Compound Bow: A Versatile Tool for Survival

The Compound Bow is more than just a weapon; it’s a versatile tool for survival in Sons of the Forest. Here are some additional benefits:

Resource Conservation:  Unlike firearms with limited ammunition, the Compound Bow utilizes craftable arrows, allowing for sustainable resource management.

Strategic Advantage:  The silent operation of the Compound Bow enables a strategic approach to combat, allowing you to control the pace of encounters.

Early Game Powerhouse:  In the early stages of the game, where firearms are scarce, the Compound Bow becomes an invaluable tool for hunting and self-defense.

Remember: The Compound Bow is a powerful tool, but it requires practice and skill to master.  With dedication and the knowledge provided in this guide, you’ll transform into a formidable archer, conquering the wilderness of Sons of the Forest with precision and deadly efficiency.


The bow in Sons of the Forest is a powerful tool for hunting and defense. Here’s how to become a master archer in this unforgiving wilderness:

What bow are we talking about?

There’s currently only one bow in Sons of the Forest: the Compound Bow. It delivers a powerful punch and is essential for taking down larger prey or aggressive enemies.

How do I get my hands on this coveted bow?

The Compound Bow isn’t readily available. You’ll need to embark on a mini-quest to unearth it:

Acquire the Shovel: This is crucial for digging up the hidden location. You’ll find the Shovel in a cave system accessible after getting the Rebreather and Rope Gun (refer to separate guides for these).

Head to Maintenance Bunker B: This location is on the southwest side of the island, marked by a green pulsating circle on your GPS (obtained earlier). Be cautious; a cannibal camp resides nearby.

Dig it Up: Look for broken-down golf carts and equipment near the camp. Use your trusty Shovel to unearth a hidden hatch leading underground.

Claim Your Prize: Descend the ladder and navigate the corridors until you find a room with a bed and a bathroom. The Compound Bow awaits you gloriously on the bathroom floor, next to a (hopefully) non-hostile corpse.

I have the bow! Now what?

Crafting Arrows:

Craft basic arrows using feathers, stones, and sticks found around the world.

Later, you’ll unlock the ability to 3D print arrows or find Carbon Fiber arrows, offering superior damage and durability.

Sharpshooting Tips:

Practice makes perfect! Find a safe zone to get comfortable aiming and firing your bow.

Aim for weak points on enemies for maximum damage. Headshots are ideal for taking down foes quickly.

Craft noise dampeners for your arrows to maintain stealth while hunting.

Are there any YouTube guides for visual learners?

Absolutely! Search for “Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Compound Bow” on YouTube for video walkthroughs of the entire process.

Is the bow the only ranged weapon?

For now, yes. However, the game is still in Early Access, so future updates might introduce new ranged options.

Remember: Mastering the bow takes practice and patience. But with dedication, you’ll be a formidable hunter and survivor in no time!

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