The Blues are on Top: A Look at Chelsea FC Women’s Standings and Stellar Season

Chelsea FC Women are a dominant force in English football.  Boasting a plethora of trophies and a dedicated fanbase, they consistently challenge for the top spot.  With the 2023-24 FA Women’s Super League (WSL) in full swing, let’s delve into Chelsea’s current standings, exploring their impressive form, key players, and the road ahead.

Understanding the FA Women’s Super League

The FA WSL is the top tier of women’s professional football in England.  It features 12 teams competing in a round-robin format, playing each other twice (home and away) throughout the season.  Points are awarded (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss) to determine the league champion, qualification for European competitions, and relegation.

Chelsea’s WSL Standings (as of March 20, 2024)

Currently, Chelsea FC Women sit proudly at the top of the FA WSL table. Here’s a breakdown of their position:

Points: 40 points (after 16 matches)

Wins: 13 wins

Draws: 1 draw

Losses: 2 losses

Goal Difference: +34

They are closely followed by Manchester City Women, showcasing the intense competition for the title.

It’s important to remember that the standings can change rapidly, so staying updated is crucial for Chelsea fans.

Factors Behind Chelsea’s Success This Season

Several factors contribute to Chelsea’s current dominance:

Attacking Prowess: With Sam Kerr leading the scoring charts and a squad brimming with attacking talent, Chelsea poses a constant threat to opponents.

Image of Sam Kerr Chelsea FC WomenOpens in a new window

Sam Kerr Chelsea FC Women

Solid Defense: A resolute backline, marshalled by Millie Bright, has conceded only 14 goals in 16 matches, demonstrating their defensive solidity.

Image of Millie Bright Chelsea FC WomenOpens in a new window

Millie Bright Chelsea FC Women

Squad Depth and Rotation: Manager Emma Hayes effectively utilizes a deep squad, keeping players fresh and maintaining a high level of performance across multiple competitions.

Winning Mentality: Chelsea’s hunger for success and experience in winning trophies fuels their relentless pursuit of victories.

However, there have also been challenges:

Early Season Setbacks: Two unexpected losses to Manchester United and Arsenal early in the season served as wake-up calls for the team.

Maintaining Momentum: Balancing domestic and European commitments requires careful management to avoid fatigue and injuries.

The Road Ahead for Chelsea Women

With the season far from over, here’s what lies ahead for Chelsea:

Crucial Matches: Upcoming clashes against direct rivals like Manchester City and Arsenal will be pivotal in determining the title race.

FA Women’s Cup and Champions League: Balancing success in the WSL alongside the FA Women’s Cup and the UEFA Women’s Champions League will test their squad depth and tactical flexibility.

Staying Injury-Free: Avoiding key player injuries will be crucial in maintaining their winning form.

Chelsea fans will be hoping their team can continue their impressive run and secure another FA WSL title.

Beyond the Standings: Why Chelsea Women are Special

Chelsea FC Women are more than just a team chasing trophies. Here’s what makes them a remarkable force:

A Legacy of Success: They boast a trophy cabinet overflowing with FA WSL titles, FA Women’s Cups, and League Cups, establishing themselves as a powerhouse in English women’s football.

Inspiring the Next Generation: Chelsea’s success serves as a beacon of inspiration for young girls, encouraging them to pursue their footballing dreams.

Global Appeal: The club attracts world-class talent and garners a passionate international fanbase.

Commitment to Equality: Chelsea FC is a leader in promoting gender equality in football, advocating for equal pay and opportunities.

Chelsea FC Women represent more than just a team on the pitch.  They are a symbol of excellence, inspiration, and the fight for equality in the beautiful game.


Chelsea FC Women are leading the pack in the FA WSL, and fans are eager for insights. Here are some FAQs to shed light on their current position and the exciting season ahead:

Understanding the League:

Q. How does the FA Women’s Super League work?

It’s a 12-team league where teams play each other twice (home and away) throughout the season. Points are awarded (3 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss) to determine the champion and qualification for European competitions.

Q. Where can I find the latest WSL standings?

The official FA Women’s Super League website ([invalid URL removed]) and many sports news websites offer updated standings.

Decoding Chelsea’s Success:

Q. What’s fueling Chelsea’s impressive performance this season?

Their attacking prowess with Sam Kerr leading the charge, a solid defense marshalled by Millie Bright, effective squad rotation, and a winning mentality are key factors.

Q. What challenges have they faced so far?

Early season losses acted as wake-up calls, and maintaining momentum while juggling multiple competitions is a challenge.

Looking Ahead for the Blues:

Q. What key matches lie ahead for Chelsea Women?

Upcoming clashes against rivals like Manchester City and Arsenal will be crucial for the title race.

Q. How will they balance the WSL with other competitions?

Careful management of the squad and tactics are essential to avoid fatigue and injuries.

Q. Can they maintain their winning form?

Staying injury-free and replicating their current performance will be key to securing the title.

Beyond the Standings: The Chelsea Legacy

Q. What makes Chelsea FC Women so special?

Their trophy cabinet, inspiring young girls, global appeal, and commitment to gender equality set them apart.

Q. Where can I learn more about Chelsea FC Women?

The official Chelsea FC website ([invalid URL removed]) offers news, player profiles, and match updates.

Whether they win the FA WSL title or not, Chelsea’s journey in the 2023-24 season is a testament to their talent, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of glory.

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