Ukraine vs England TV

Ukraine vs England match is scheduled for Saturday, March 25, 2024. Here are several methods to watch the match:

In the United Kingdom:

Channel 4: Channel 4 will telecast the game live and without charge. The game will be covered starting at 4 p.m. British Summer Time (BST). It’s available for streaming online or on your TV via the Channel 4 online or application.

Within the US:

Fox Sports 2: Fox Sports 2 (FS2) will broadcast the game. To find out if you have FS2, go to the channel listings on your broadband or satellite entertainment company.

Fox Sports app or web page, By entering in with your broadband or satellite TV operator qualifications, you may be able to watch the game online on the Fox Sports app or website if you possess a membership for FS2.

Fox Sports 2 is available on fuboTV, a viewing provider that also might provide new customers with a trial period for free.

Important Note: Based on your prior search region (Kolkata, India), these are the main transmitters. According to where you are, broadcast rights as well as access may change.

Here are a few more pointers for viewing the game:

  • Look through local advertisements: If you live in the US or the UK, check out what local networks are airing the competition by using a TV guide smartphone or computer.
  • Services for downloading: The match may be available on other viewing providers in your area. Depending on your nation, look into regional choices.
  • If you are unable to view the game, you may be allowed to tune in to live music analysis on an athletic radio network or internet

Which channel is Ukraine vs England on in India.

On the other hand, these are a few options based on past UEFA Euro qualifier transmits:

  • Sony Sports Network: They are the exclusive broadcaster of several UEFA competitions in India, notably previous Euro qualifying matches. One of its networks, such as Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 2, Sony Six, or Sony Ten 4, may air the game.

What you have to do to remain current is as follows:

Ukraine vs England match Websites and applications for Sony Sports Networking: When the match gets closer, visit the official Sony Sports Network application or webpage to see its television plan. 

The stations and times are usually revealed a few days prior to kickoff.

Indian sites that provide sports news: Football-related websites and applications, such as ESPN India, Star Sports the Indian subcontinent, or web pages, may post news stories or updates about the match’s announcer.


  • Live internet: SonyLIV, a streaming version of Sony Sports Network, may provide a live feed of the game even if it isn’t free of charge coverage. An account may be required in order to view the broadcast live.

Where I can watch UEFA Euro qualifiers in India

The license to air the UEFA Euro qualifications in India belong to Sony Sports Network, based on previous transmissions. This is where you might be able to witness what’s happening:

Channels on Television: The precise station airing the qualifying may change due to the multitude of channels that Sony Sports Network provides. Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 2, Sony Six, or Sony Ten 4 are a few options.

Sony Sports Network’s streaming service is called SonyLIV. The finals may be streamed live, however an account may be necessary.

Here are some methods for finding out the precise broadcasting specifics and staying current:

Sony Sports Network Applications & Internet pages:

For a list of shows, visit the trusted Sony Sports Network web page or application. A few weeks prior to the qualifying rounds, channels and times typically are announced.

When the qualifying rounds get closer, get the SonyLIV applications and check out the playing times.

Ukraine vs England match Indian Sports News Internet pages:News items or updates about the broadcaster for the qualifiers may be posted on mobile apps and websites such as ESPN India, Star Sports India, or football-related online portals.

Other Choices (In the Event That Sony Doesn’t Own the Rights):

If, which is really unlikely, Sony is not granted television rights this year, look at other Indian sports networks. Look into potential broadcast options for the qualifying rounds, such as JioTV (if you have a Jio membership) or Star Sports Select 1, Star Sports Select 2, or another channel.

Is JioTV free?

For Jio smartphone customers in India, JioTV provides a free level with a selection of over 1000 pathways, many of which are sports-focused.

The JioTV access split is as follows:

  • Free Tier: JioTV is available to Jio mobile customers at no cost. A large variety of channels in many genres, such as news, sports, recreation, and more, are available on this tier. Movies, TV series, and certain immediate entertainment are available for viewing live.
  • Membership Packs: In addition, JioTV provides access to exclusive channels as well as programming through membership packs. Extra amenities like free of ads and access to premium content repositories are usually included within such packs.

The following are a few points to remember:

Connection Fees: Video streaming will use up the data on your smartphone even though the JioTV app is free to use. Jio mobile customers may have plans for data with limits on data or plans with unlimited data. To prevent going over the limit and paying more, make sure you have a compatible information plan.


Where can I watch the game?

Ukraine vs England match It will vary based on where you live.

UK: Channel 4 will provide a live, free coverage of the game.

In the United States, Fox Sports 2 (FS2) will air the game. If you have a broadband or satellite TV subscription, then might also be able to watch it on the Fox Sports online or application.

What if I’m not in the UK, US, or India?

India: Although the television schedule has not yet been announced, Sony Sports Network is a good bet. When the match date approaches, visit their web page or phone.

What if I can’t find a TV broadcast?

The rights for broadcasting differ by nation. Check your local sporting networks or internet providers to find out if the game will be broadcast.

Internet or on an athletic radio location, you could be able to hear live audio analysis.

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