WWE 2024: Upcoming PPVs 

The year has as of now seen a few epic clashes in the squared circle, with the Regal Roll delegating an unused contender and WrestleMania conveying exceptional minutes. But WWE isn’t abating down fair however! Here’s a look at the remaining premium live occasions (PPVs) on the 2024 WWE plan that will have you stuck to your seat.

May Disorder: Backfire and Ruler & Ruler of the Ring

The month of May warms up with Backfire on May 4th. This PPV is known for its brutal and erratic matches, so anticipate a few furious competitions as competitions come full circle. 

Fair a few weeks afterward, on May 19th, Ruler & Ruler of the Competition takes centre organise. Witness high-stakes matches as both the men’s and women’s divisions fight it out to claim the pined for Lord and Ruler crowns.

Money in the Bank Lunacy: Step Matches and Championship Dreams

June brings Cash in the Bank on June 9th. This high-flying PPV highlights the notorious Cash in the Bank step coordinate, where whizzes hazard it all for a briefcase containing a ensured championship coordinate contract. 

Who will climb the step and secure their future title shot? The month concludes with NXT Battleground on June 30th, displaying the future stars of WWE in a night filled with activity and potential upsets.

Summer Sizzlers: NXT Heatwave and SummerSlam

July warms up with NXT Heatwave on July 14th. This NXT-exclusive PPV guarantees a summer scorcher with rising stars fighting for dominance.

 At that point, on Admirable 11th, the greatest occasion of the summer arrives – SummerSlam. 

Anticipate a night of extraordinary minutes, amazing competitions coming to their bubbling point, and title changes that will reshape the scene of WWE.

Beyond the Summer: Expectation Builds for the Fall

While the remaining plan for the last mentioned half of 2024 hasn’t been authoritatively uncovered, we can anticipate occasions like Survivor Arrangement and Clash of Champions to return afterward in the year. Keep an eye out for declarations from WWE for these marquee events!

Not Fair for the Fundamental Program: NXT Takes the Show

While the fundamental program takes centre organise with most PPVs, WWE’s formative brand, NXT, too gets its reasonable share of the highlight. Here’s why NXT is a must-watch for die-hard wrestling fans:

Future Stars, Nowadays: 

Witness the rise of tomorrow’s whizzes. NXT reliably puts a highlight on up-and-coming ability, permitting them to refine their abilities and create their characters some time recently joining the primary list. You might fairly be seeing another John Cena or Roman Rules in the making!

Fresh Matchups: 

With an isolated program than Crude and SmackDown, NXT offers special contentions and dream matches that wouldn’t happen on the fundamental program. This infuses a breath of new discussion into the storylines and keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

High-Flying Activity: 

NXT is known for its fast-paced, high-flying fashion. Anticipate imaginative manoeuvres, breathtaking physicality, and a centre on in-ring narrating that will take you in awe.

Key NXT Occasions: Keep an eye out for these NXT-exclusive PPVs all through the remaining year:

NXT Retribution Day (February 4th): 

Witness the perfection of competitions built on NXT with championship matches and resentment settlements.

NXT Stand & Provide (April): 

Held nearby WrestleMania, this occasion grandstands NXT’s brightest stars on a fantastic stage.

NXT Spring Breakin’ (April 23rd & 30th): 

This two-night occasion infuses a few fun and fervour into the NXT calendar with special matches and a lighter tone.

NXT Battleground (June 30th): 

Witness the NXT geniuses battle for dominance and a chance to step up to the primary roster.

NXT Heatwave (July 14th): 

Beat the summer warm with NXT’s most smoking occasion, including high-stakes matches and competitions coming to their peak.

Beyond the Ring: WWE’s Worldwide Reach and Extraordinary Events

The energy doesn’t halt at conventional PPVs! Here’s a see into the world past the ring that WWE offers in 2024:

International Occasions: 

WWE takes its item worldwide with occasions like Clash at the Castle (area TBA, Admirable) that cater to particular locales. Involve the one of a kind vitality and enthusiasm of universal audiences!

Hall of Acclaim and Slammy Grants: 

Celebrate wrestling legends and famous minutes at the WWE Lobby of Notoriety ceremony (April 5th) and the Slammy Grants (April 7th), where geniuses and minutes are recognized by the WWE Universe (fans).

The Draft: 

Witness the yearly program shakeup with the WWE Draft (date TBA). See which whizzes get rearranged between Crude and SmackDown, possibly touching off modern competitions and opportunities.

In Summary:

So, check your calendars, wrestling fans! The rest of 2024 guarantees more championship clashes, high-flying manoeuvres, and extraordinary minutes in WWE. 

With energising contentions brewing and modern stars rising, there’s no deficiency of activity to come. Do not miss out on the remaining WWE PPVs this year!


What PPVs have as of now happened in 2024?

A: Royal Roll (January)

NXT Retribution Day (February)

Elimination Chamber (February)

NXT Stand & Convey (April)

WrestleMania 40 (April)

Backlash (May)

What are the upcoming WWE PPVs for 2024 (as of May 18th)?

A: King & Ruler of the Ring (May 25th)

Clash at the Castle (June, particular date TBA)

Money in the Bank (July 6th)

NXT Battleground (June 30th)

NXT Heatwave (July 14th)

SummerSlam (Admirable 11th)

Bash in Berlin (Eminent 31st)

Are there any other WWE occasions to see forward to?

A: WWE Corridor of Popularity Ceremony (as of now happened on April 5th)

Slammy Grants (as of now happened on April 7th)

WWE Draft (date TBA)

Does NXT have its own PPVs?

A: NXT is coordinated into the generally WWE PPV plan with a few elite occasions. Here are the remaining NXT-focused occasions for 2024:

NXT Battleground (June 30th)

NXT Heatwave (July 14th)

Will there be any more TakeOver events for NXT?

A: NXT TakeOver events are not currently part of the official schedule. However,  surprise announcements for special NXT events with the TakeOver name could happen throughout the year.

Where can I find more information about the WWE PPV schedule?

A: Several websites offer updated information on the WWE PPV schedule. You can search for terms like “WWE PPV schedule 2024”, “WWE upcoming events” or visit the official WWE website for announcements.

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