From Middlesbrough to the Octagon: The Rise of George Hardwick

George Hardwick isn’t your typical UFC newcomer. While many arrive with flashy personalities and a legion of online followers, Hardwick is a man of quiet focus, letting his vicious fighting style do the talking. Hailing from Middlesbrough, England, this Cage Warriors winner is on the cusp of superstardom, and his journey to the UFC is an amusing story of dedication and raw talent.

A Champion Forged in the North East

Born in 1996, Hardwick’s fighting spirit rose early. He sharpened his abilities at the Middlesbrough Fight Academy beneath the tutelage of Abdul Muhammed, rapidly creating a well-rounded skill set that combined effective striking with smooth hooking. 

His professional debut came in 2014, and despite a hiccup in the shape of a split-decision loss in his second fight, Hardwick rapidly found his footing. He set out on a dominant run, racking up win after win, with most triumphs coming by way of impressive finishes.

Cage Warriors Ascendancy

Hardwick’s dominance culminated in capturing the coveted Cage Warriors lightweight championship in 2022. Cage Warriors, a European MMA organization famous for being a breeding ground for future UFC stars, gave Hardwick a stage to showcase his abilities. He protected his title twice, advancing solidifying his reputation as a drive to be figured with.

Dana White’s Contender Series: A Gateway to the Big Leagues

Eager to test himself against the elite, Hardwick set his sights on the UFC. He got his chance on Dana White’s Contender Series in August 2023. This appearance serves as a proving ground for aspiring fighters, with UFC president Dana White himself keeping a careful eye. 

Hardwick confronted a commendable rival in Wesley Daniels, but it was a mere convention. Hardwick overwhelmed Daniels with a vicious show of striking, securing a TKO triumph in the first round. His execution was so amazing that White had no choice but to offer him a UFC contract.

Hardwick’s Arrival in the UFC: A Fresh Face in the Lightweight Division

Hardwick officially entered the Octagon on April 11, 2024. While details of his UFC debut are still beneath wraps, one thing is certain: the lightweight division fair got a whole lot more energizing. Hardwick’s forceful fighting style and well-rounded skill set make him a matchup nightmare for any opponent.

Ground Control and Submission Threats

Don’t be tricked by Hardwick’s striking ability; his hooking abilities are no joke. He has a solid wrestling base, permitting him to takedown opponents with ease. Once on the ground, he moves easily between prevailing positions, covering his adversaries with choking top control. 

While not known as a pure submission artist, Hardwick has a talent for recognizing openings and capitalizing on them. He has a diverse arsenal of submissions, keeping his opponents constantly worried.

Fight IQ and Adaptability

Perhaps Hardwick’s most underrated quality is his fighting IQ. He’s a cerebral warrior who can alter his strategy mid-fight. He pursues his opponents well, recognizing their weaknesses and misusing them mercilessly. This permits him to adjust to different styles, making him a difficult puzzle to fathom for any fighter.

The Middlesbrough Mauler: A Fan Favorite in the Making?

With his exciting fighting style and humble demeanor, Hardwick has all the makings of a UFC fan favorite. His come-forward, aggressive approach guarantees fireworks each time he steps into the Octagon. Additionally, his regard for the don and his rivals is sure to resonate with fight fans worldwide.

What to Expect From Hardwick: A Future Lightweight Contender?

With a master record of 12 wins and 2 losses, Hardwick gloats an impressive continuation. More imperatively, he’s on a hot streak, with his final loss coming way back in 2014. He has knockout control in his hands and shocking hooking capacity. 

Whereas the competition in the UFC is fierce, Hardwick has the devices to make a genuine run at the top 15 of the lightweight rankings. His calm demeanor outside the cage hides a tireless competitor inside, and fans can anticipate him to deliver energizing, action-packed fights.

A Role Model for Aspiring Fighters: Hard Work and Humility

Hardwick’s story is an inspiration to anyone chasing their dreams. He sharpened his aptitudes absent from the highlight, centering on improvement rather than self-promotion. Presently, on the brink of fame, he remains grounded, a testament to his devotion and humility.

George Hardwick is more than just another fighter; he’s an image of diligence and the embodiment of the fighting soul. As he sets out on his UFC journey, one thing is for sure: battle fans around the world will be eagerly waiting to see what this exciting new ability brings to the Octagon.


What is George Hardwick’s record?

Hardwick’s professional MMA record stands at 12 wins and 2 losses.

What is George Hardwick’s fighting style?

Hardwick is a well-rounded warrior with a powerful striking arsenal that includes kicks, punches, elbows, and knees. He too has solid wrestling and grappling skills, permitting him to control opponents on the ground.

What are George Hardwick’s strengths?

Hardwick’s punching power, battle IQ, adaptability, and well-rounded skill set are all considered his strengths.

How did George Hardwick get into the UFC?

Hardwick secured a UFC contract after a convincing TKO triumph on Dana White‘s Contender Series in August 2023.

What is George Hardwick’s future potential in the UFC?

With his impressive skill set and energizing fighting style, Hardwick has the potential to become a genuine contender in the UFC’s stacked lightweight division.

Does George Hardwick have any hobbies outside of fighting?

There isn’t much open information about Hardwick’s individual life and hobbies. Given his commitment to battling, it’s likely training involves a significant portion of his time, but without official sources, this remains unknown.

What is George Hardwick’s walkout song?

This information isn’t readily available however. Since Hardwick is a newcomer, details like walkout melodies might not be public knowledge. However, with his up and coming fights, this information might be revealed soon.

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