Conquering the Mantis: A Starfield Side Quest Guide

Starfield, Bethesda’s latest RPG epic, boasts a sprawling universe filled with diverse planets, factions, and mysteries to unravel. One particularly intriguing side quest involves the enigmatic “Mantis.” This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Mantis quest, from acquiring it to claiming your legendary rewards.

Unveiling the Mantis Mystery

The Mantis quest kicks off with finding a data slate called “Secret Outpost!” This data slate can be obtained by looting Spacer enemies scattered throughout the cosmos.  Some players have found it on the Nova Galactic Starstation during the main quest “The Old Neighborhood,” while others encountered it elsewhere. 

The beauty of Starfield lies in its semi-randomized loot drops, so keep exploring and eliminating Spacer enemies to increase your chances of acquiring the data slate.

Once you have the data slate, listen to the recording. It details a hidden base on Denebola I-b, a moon within the Denebola star system.  While planet names can be procedurally generated, the moon will always be called Denebola I-b as all audio logs within the lair reference the planet’s name.  Consult your star chart and set course for the Denobla system.

Locating the Mantis Lair

Upon reaching the Denebola system, you’ll need to locate Denebola I-b.  This moon shouldn’t be too difficult to find using your ship’s scanner.  Once there, prepare for a fight – the Mantis base is heavily guarded by high-level enemies.  Be sure to equip your best gear and weapons before landing.

The entrance to the Mantis lair is a rather unassuming cave opening.  Head inside, prepared for a series of challenging encounters as you navigate the base.  Expect to face turrets, security robots, and well-armed Mantis operatives.

The Notorious Mantis Puzzle

As you delve deeper into the lair, you’ll encounter a significant hurdle – the infamous Mantis puzzle. This puzzle consists of a large grid of floor tiles marked with various letters. Stepping on the wrong tile triggers security measures, sealing the chamber and activating deadly turrets.

The solution to the Mantis puzzle lies within the audio logs scattered throughout the base.  One particular log, titled “Leon Voclain – Sic Semper Tyrannis,” holds the key.  This log reveals the solution – you need to spell the word “TYRANNIS” by strategically stepping on the corresponding lettered tiles.

Carefully navigate the grid, stepping only on the tiles that form the word “TYRANNIS.”  If you make a mistake, don’t panic!  The puzzle resets after a short period, allowing you to try again.  With patience and a keen eye for detail, you’ll eventually bypass the security measure and progress further into the base.

Claiming Your Reward: The Legendary Mantis Gear

Following the path beyond the puzzle, you’ll find yourself in a room containing the legendary reward for completing the quest – the Mantis Armor set.  This high-tier armor provides exceptional protection, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal.  The set includes the Mantis Armor chest piece, helmet, and backpack.

In another section of the base, you’ll find the controls for the Starship Lift.  Activate this to raise a legendary ship, the Razorleaf, from its underground hangar.  This formidable vessel boasts superior firepower and durability, making it a worthy upgrade to your current spacecraft.

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully conquered the Mantis quest, acquiring both the legendary Mantis Armor set and the Razorleaf starship.  These powerful rewards will significantly bolster your capabilities as you explore the vast expanse of the Starfield universe.

Additional Tips for Conquering the Mantis

Here are some bonus tips to help you overcome the challenges of the Mantis quest:

Gear Up: Before venturing into the Mantis lair, ensure you’re well-equipped. Pack powerful weapons, strong armor, and plenty of healing items.

Level Up: The enemies within the base are formidable. It’s recommended to be at least level 20 before attempting this quest.

Explore Thoroughly: The Mantis base holds valuable audio logs and potential loot caches. Spend time investigating every nook and detail.

Team Up: Consider tackling the Mantis quest with a companion or a group of friends for added firepower and strategic support.

With a well-prepared approach and a bit of perseverance, you’ll conquer the Mantis quest and claim your legendary rewards. So, fire up your engines,  chart your course for Denebola I-b, and  prepare to face the challenge of the Mantis!


The Mantis in Starfield is more than just a creepy-crawly; it’s a hidden quest leading to legendary rewards. Here’s a breakdown to quench your thirst for knowledge:

What is the Mantis quest in Starfield?

The Mantis is a challenging side quest that grants access to some of the best gear in the early game. You’ll track down a mysterious space vigilante, solve puzzles, and face tough enemies.

How do I start the Mantis quest?

The key lies in finding a random data slate called “Secret Outpost!”  Look for it as loot when defeating Spacer enemies.  The data slate will point you towards the hidden Mantis base on the moon Denebola I-b.

What awaits me in the Mantis lair?

Brace yourself for:

High-level enemies: Be prepared for a fight; the Mantis base is no walk in the park.

The deadly Mantis puzzle: Step on the correct tiles in a specific order to avoid getting blasted by turrets.

Legendary rewards: The ultimate prize is the Razorleaf, a top-tier spaceship, and the Mantis armor set, offering superior protection.

Where can I find help with the Mantis quest?

Here are some resources to guide you:

IGN Starfield Mantis Walkthrough:

Eurogamer Mantis Puzzle Solution:

YouTube Walkthroughs: Search for “Starfield Mantis Walkthrough” for video guides.

What are some additional tips for tackling the Mantis quest?

Level Up: Aim to be around level 20 before attempting the quest to face the enemies more effectively.

Explore Thoroughly: The Mantis base might hold hidden clues or items to help you progress.

Bring the Right Gear: Pack powerful weapons, armor, and healing items to survive the challenging encounters.

Is the Mantis quest worth the effort?

Absolutely!  The Razorleaf ship and Mantis armor set give you a significant advantage in the early game, making your spacefaring adventures much smoother.

Remember: While these FAQs provide a roadmap, the true thrill lies in unraveling the mysteries of the Mantis quest yourself. So, grab your gear, prepare for a challenge, and uncover the secrets of the Mantis!

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